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    Guten Tag, GC.
    I am about to get my MMJ card and I have a caregiver who also plans to supply four other patients. This person wants to use two tents in an 11.5' x 11.5' room, each with a capacity of 20-30 plants (medium sized plants, but with enough room to breathe). What size tents should we use so that the plants are still easily accessible, and furthermore would one of these tents thrive enough under a 600w HPS/MH?:confused: We are on a strict budget, plan on building the tents of lumber or pvc and panda film. DIY Hydro or possibly PVC mister/aero bucket system, 1 plant per five gal bucket. Info on how far each plant should be spaced apart would be nice too.

    Any input is humbly appreciated ;)

    Thanks GC
  2. TBH in the long run its ALOT easier and more efficient to buy a prefabbed tent ...doesn't have to be one of those 800dollar ones i have a 6x6x6 i got for less than 200$(be prepared to "get what you paid for" ) don't forget exhaust and intake fans (A MUST) also i suggest minimum of 600w preferably 1000w! Also for a first time grower (im guessing you are seeing the questions) i suggest using soil or COCO (i love coco!) don't do Hydro for your first grow. be prepared to have a hefty electric bill! don't forget nutes n what not....i hope you got money to burn....
  3. Thanks mochenmat.
    the main reason for doing diy tents is that my caregiver does not have a lot of money (less than 5 hundo) and can buy what i estimate to be enough panda film for two tents (10' x 100') for around 75-80 dollars plus the cost of lumber/pvc.
    How many plants can you fit in your 6'6'6'?
    Also, according to the laws in my area, a caregiver can possess twelve plants per patient, and can possess no more than 2.5 oz of buds per pt. My first thought was to have four consistently in each cycle (clone, veg, flower). But then i had the idea that maybe we could achieve the same if not better yield by vegging 6/pt at a time but smaller plants with less veg time. Plausible??
    Also (sorry if im ranting), what size fan should i use? I was thinking just enough to refresh the air a few times every five mins. My CG wants to use a homemade Ona bucket for odor which has been sworn by by quite a few people, so a carbon filter may not be necessary. Would eighteen inches square be enough room per plant?
    Thanks for your help brother, truly appreciated
  4. NEone there???
  5. sorry been busy.. but i split my 666 (devil tent) in two to have a veg and flower room and i can fit 8-10 5 gallon pots on flowering side and 15-20 1gal on veg side! But i see what your saying for the first grown (until you get some funds) the DIY would be okay for the first "startup" grow(i'd see how much it would cost with lumber, screws and panda film)if its around 150 then just get a prefab tent from GYO off amazon. Its hard to control the climate with a diy tent to many areas to leak and alot of "light leak" areas so keep an eye out for that! i've used Ona before ...shit smells like chemical (IMO) With an carbon filter it smells like fresh air (Grow Room Ventilation 400 CFM Carbon Filter & Fan 6 inch - Access Hydroponic) get that one it'd be perfect for your grow and buy a $25 booster fan off amazon for your intake!!

    as far as 18" it depends on what strains you grow sativa grows tall and indica grows short and fat so it all depends on that...but if you want to grow in small space do a ScROG and get the most light coverage in the smallest space :)
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    im sorry guys i never get this... if you are in a 15 x 15 room then WTF are the tents even for??? you can cool that room easier, keep the lights closer, and have complete freedom of motion if you just put tables in the room... If you are concerned with the smell, just seal that whole room and get a big ol carbon filter for 200 dollars...

    Why do people use tents if they are just gonna sit in a room??

    Just section off your table area on 3 sides with mylar hanging from the ceiling and tied around the table... run small fans between your plants and the light from the 4th side and everything will stay mad cool for like zero effort/dollas

  7. i personally use them because i use the room for things other than growing.... can't really use the room for 12H in the day when its flowering now can i? but yes if i had a room that i can use purely for a "flower" room i'd do without the tent.
  8. yea, i hear that, but 2 tents in a 12 x 12 lol?? thats a room dedicated to growing. If you are dedicating the room to growing, then tents are a complete waste of time and they make cooling the bulb like 5x harder. If you leave 2 600s open to 1200 cubic feet, you can cool everything with just 5 dollar wallmart fans.

    Everyone just always assumes they need a tent and i dont see why.
  9. How much do you harvest from each plant, mochenmat?
  10. depends on how long i veg but anywhere from 2-4zips
  11. I am a complete beginner so please bear with my questions. I need a tent for 6 plants. I was thinking about the Gorilla grow 5 X 5 tent. Would that give me enough room?

  12. intake fans. So [expletive] pointless . I swear that nobody reads the stickys and pinned threads before they start giving advice... Intake fans are absolutely a waste of money, time, and effort; unless your trying to pull air in from a long ways away.

    I like my tents over just the room because I can have all my stuff up and setup on 2 different schedules, and I can still go into the room they are in anytime. I can also have it all down and packed into storage totes in less than an hour.

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