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  1. I had a quick queston out there for electricians or people who know about residential electricity.  I have a good size grow tent in the basement.  My circut breaker would trip with all my equipment going at the same time (because the basement shares the same circut (15amp) with a room upstairs.  Because of this I need more power from another circut.  Instead of running a powercord from upstairs (very scared it would start a fire), I decided to run it's own dedicated 20 amp circut.  I got a new 20amp circut breaker, 12/2 wire, 20amp outlet and installed it successfully. 
    Now here is my question: since I'm not an electrician I'm a little nervous that I missed something.  This is the first time I wired something myself and I'm scared a fire could start.  Has anyone did this themseleves and is not a certified electrcian.  Am I worring for nothing?  I guess it's much better than a powercord.

  2. So what your saying is you basement shares power with a room upstairs and your draw trips the breaker so instead of combing the two lines you made a new line ? From where inside the breaker box you installed another 20amp and bought a box and outlet and made a new plug just fot the room or did you buy the breaker tap off both lines into one in the new breaker box then off to a plug give me a lil more info please maybe a pic i may be able to help
  3. Thanks for replying.  Yeah instead of combining any lines, I decided to buy an install a new breaker on the bus in the main control panel then run a brand new line with a brand new outlet.  I thought that would be best this way I can have it's own dedicated circut seperate from the existing.  I'll try and get a pic, but I'm not home at the moment.
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    Most definitely the best way. Running extension cords all over is a bad idea and can start fires. That 12/2 is going to have less resistance than extension cords so you get the cleanest power to your equipment.
    I am unsure what the poster above me is saying about combining lines....
    If you put the new 20 amp breaker in your breaker box and then ran a 12/2 wire to a new socket in a work box. Properly mounted and then properly attached the wires to a new outlet. Then screwed the outlet into the work box then your golden.
  5. Yes exactly your straight good work sry was toased writing that but ive worked with electricity hvac plumbing and much more
  6. Awesome, thanks to you both for the info.  Exactly what I did Berenger so it sounds like I'm good.  And no problem wizwar...I was going to reply earlier to this but was toasted myself ha.

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