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    What I'm planning on using (suggestions needed)


    DR80 Grow Tent 2.7ftx2.7ftx5.3ft

    Lighting options
    (Is 400w too much for that size of tent?):
    250w/400w Lumatek Digital Ballast
    400w MH (vegetative)
    400w HPS (flowering)
    T5 CFLS 8x24w = 8000 lumans at 96w

    Ventilation and Odor Control
    (Will this be enough to keep the temperature optimal while running the 400w bulbs?)
    Active Air 4" Inline fan
    Can-Filter 2600 4" 94CFM
    Passive Intake
    Small oscillating fan pointed at plants
  2. that setup will produce some delicious tree man.

    just gonna need to get some more fans in there for circulation.

    i think if you stay under a 400w it should be fine to keep cool.

    but buying another vortex will never hurt!


    get the 6" fan with a fan controller youll like it much better its much quieter when turned down and its the same power.
  3. Thanks man, so you don't think that fan and filter will be strong enough to keep the box cool enough?
  4. The combo you have will work well with the T5lights and may work fine with a 250W, but if you do step up to the 400W it would require a cooltube to remain cool enuff. The fan combo you have will prob work but a larger 6" set up will work better and not have to be runnin full out all the time. Running the larger one with a controller would be the best route and quieter than the 4" and maybe cheaper on the elec bill too.:wave:
  5. come flower time i think so, as lights are only on half the day, but it will be more then enough i think. if math is correct like it usually is.

    you should need

    2.7ftx2.7ftx5.3ft=38 sq ft.

    38*5=193. (want to clear air 5 times every few minutes)

    add carbon filter multiply that by two.

    193*2=386. which a 6" should do fine.
  6. Thanks everyone for the help:smoke:

    Do you think the 400w would be worth it? Or would a 250w produce just as good? The entire 400w setup will cost roughly $1000, I haven't calculated the 250w setup but it would probably be a few hundred dollars cheaper.

    New setup
    DR80 Grow Tent 2.7ftx2.7ftx5.3ft

    Lighting options

    250w/400w Lumatek Digital Ballast
    White Horizontal Reflector 18"
    400w MH (vegetative)
    400w HPS (flowering)

    Ventilation and Odor Control

    Inline Fan (Active Air) 6" 400CFM
    Carbon Filter 50 400CFM w/ 6" Flange
    Fan Speed Controller (15amp)
    Small oscillating fan pointed at plants

    Does this setup now seem balanced?
  7. I run a tent that's 2x4x7ft w/ a 400w mh/hps, cooltube cooled by a 6inch inline duct fan from HTG supply.

    At the top I use their 4inch fan and filter combo that's 170cfm w/ a growbright filter.

    I also use a 16inch oscillating fan to keep wind on the trees and cool the bubble buckets.

    Works pretty well.

    Check out my grow in my sig for more specifics!!!

    Best of luck sir!
  8. That'll work just fine. It's about what I'm using, and your tent is just a tad bit smaller.
  9. You can get an adapter, or just get the fan that fits.

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