Grow tent plans - DR80 - 400w MH/HPS

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  1. Tent:
    DR80 Grow Tent 2.7ftx2.7ftx5.3ft


    250w/400w Lumatek Digital Ballast
    400w MH (vegetative)
    400w HPS (flowering)

    Ventilation and Odor Control:
    (Will this be enough to keep the temperature optimal while running the 400w bulb?)
    Inline Fan (Active Air) 4" 165CFM
    Carbon Filter 33 200CFM w/ Flange
    Passive Intake
    Small oscillating fan pointed at plant

    Does this setup seem balanced? How many plants do you think I can grow in this tent?

    And I'm confused when reading this, its from "gr0wer's grow box design guide" thread

    "The first thing you need to do is get power into the box, most people use a power strip
    like below, they are good enough for most grows up to around 250w <-6 outlet power strip-> any more then 250w then you should run solid copper wires and have GFI outlets and have the grow have its own breaker."

    I have two outlets in the room where my tent will be, does this mean I cannot plug my supplies into these outlets? Basically I'm electrically illiterate.. if someone could explain in better detail what gr0wer is trying to say, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Your ventilation set up looks fine and you should prolly go with around 2 plants for that size tent and maybe scrog.

    as far as grower goes
    He is just telling you not to use a power strip for anything over 250 watts how ever i disagree you can run quite a bit more power out of a strip than 250 watts.
    He is also suggesting using a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) which is prolly a good idea in most cases.
  3. Im currents running a 400 watt lumatek with a 4 inch fan.. but my tent is a little bigger than yours and temps stay around 85 with lights on. But since your running a smaller space it would be harder to cool. Ide say to be safe go with a 6inch fan and get a speed controller and run tests with the heat. So dial it down to 3/4 speed and see what your temps are. then maybe 1/2. It will also make ALOT less noise.

    And if you have 2 outlets plug your ballast into one and then your Inline fan and any other fan into the other outlet. Someone tell me if im wrong but I dont think 250 watt's is over doing it on a regular outlet in any way..
  4. Thanks for the help guys! :bongin:
  5. I have the same tent/light. Just run a cooltube and try to figure a way to pull some air from outside of your grow room and your temps should be fine.
  6. If you guys don't mind, I have a question about the DR80. I am considering this tent but I have a very, very specifically sized space into which to fit it. Could one of you measure exact outside dimensions of that tent? I haven't purchased one yet because I've seen various numbers on various sites and I have exactly 31" (which is 2'7") from front to back into which to cram it.
  7. its what they say 80cm x 80cm (2.7' x 2.7') 5.25' tall
  8. Did you measure it? I just need to be sure, I've seen it listed as 31.5" in the fine details on some sites and just 2'7" on others, hence my asking for clarification. It's going in a perfect weird window nook that is exactly 31" square. I about shit myself when I found a tent that looked like it would fit perfectly. Otherwise I'll need to do a 20x30 crappy tent or one of the 24x24 better brands.

    On topic, I do agree with the previous posters suggesting outside air - I am running a 400w in a much smaller space than that tent and with enough air throughput anything's possible. You gotta remove that heat as it's created by the lights and such.
  9. yea I measured it and its exact.

  10. There are 2.54 cm per inch. Divide 80 by 2.54 and you will have your answer. A simple google search "inches cm" would have answered your question.
  11. Thanks for the brilliantly snarky and completely irrelevant attempt to make me feel stupid!

    I'm completely capable of doing unit conversions. Unfortunately conversions don't do me a bit of good when I need to know the actual physical outside dimensions of the tent and I have seen different actual sizes on both printed and web literature for these products. This thread presented a chance to get measured dimensions, which did happen and I am very thankful to 'Nissty' for hooking that up.
  12. 400w hps light

    how far should the light be from plants?
  13. Less than a foot in most cases
  14. atta boy. haha
  15. 80 cm is the actual outside measurement. It is listed in the fine details on some sites as 31.5 because some sites are more accurate than others. Nissty should measure it again.
  16. Your right. The sarsasm was unnecessary.
  17. If 80cm is correct then yes, it'd be around 31.5" and ever so slightly too big. Thanks for the clarification!

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