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  1. Hello to all..My name is Cesar.. I live in Colorado and have a quick question and will have more later on.. First I'd like to express how cool I think this forum is, awesome to see so much help... With that said, I'd like to thank anyone what helps me in advance... Thank you so much..
    So I have a 4x4x7 grow tent that I plan on growing in.... Just for personal for now, and practice for later on.. I plan on running 800-1000w with just one or two plants... I plan on training them according to the book by dru west... And continue to scrog...i also plan on using CO2 and organic nutrients.. What kind of yield do you guys think this will provide and what other tips of hints does anyone have for growing in tents?.. Thank you so much in advance

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  2. I was just growing in the same size tent 4x4x7 but I had 6 plants in there. If you do it right and veg long enough, you can get 1-1.5lb out of a 1000w, I don't know who uses 800w and haven't seen them. That being said, if it's your first grow, you will more than likely won't get full yield, but you can potentially get 1lb in that room. Keep in mind, vertical space is limited, even 7' tall but the time I was trimming(3 days ago) might lights had not much more room to get pulled up.
  3. Thank you so much for the info.. This will be my first grow in a tent but I've grown a lil before but it's in a while and I want to get better... I have two 400w Hps I plan on using,.. I might run them both or get another 400w and run 1200w...I just trimmed for a friend and he went with the SOG method with smaller plants,..I might try that but that will probably hurt my yield right?

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  4. not necessarily no.but i personally like the idea of having only 1 or 2 plant's & training them into a nice big canopy that way maintenance won't be that bad
  5. Thank you for taking the time to help... I really want to do the method of training by dru west.. The plant itself is plucked or supercropped to just have a few branches and subbranches...

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  6. My clones are under a floro now with 24hr lighting... I plan on getting them healthy and cloning them,.. Then flowering them out... But right now the fan leave tips are curling?.. Is it ventilation? Cuz at this point I don't have any fans at all?

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  7. mine are also under 24/0 but with cfls waiting until outdoors is done. & i also had leaf curling problems. If they look like the picture. I just washed all the old soil off the root ball & replanted them in some fox farms ocian forest it's only like 12 bucks a bag but my clones were small. If you have any pictures it would help.

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