Grow tent/lighting question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cgregory23, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Planning on ordering a 48inx24inx63in grow tent soon along with a 600w mh/hps grow light system with cool tube. My question is will the light in the middle cover the entire tent? Since the tent it so much longer than it is wide will it reach over to the two edges from the middle? I know it's supposed to cover areas up to 10ish (maybe more) square feet and my tent will be 8square feet total but will have about a foot of space to the left and a foot of space to the right of the lighting fixture.....any help?
  2. Yea it should be fine but the ones that are right under the light will get bigger..rotate them if you can
  3. My tent is 48x48x65 have a 600hps and their is no point light dosent reach. My only problem is heat. Until I got a 6"" fan (not inline fan) Tho now the heat outside has dropped down from 100 I think I need a fan controller to slow it down. The point is cool tube can be a must.
  4. Light from a 600w will "reach" four feet, but the optimum light area on a 600w is 3x3. Beyond 3ft plants will grow but outside areas may see less growth and yield than in the sweet zone, so to speak.

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