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    Is there any concern growing in the utility room that has the water heater and furnace?It is approximately 10’x 18’ and the room is open to the stairs.
    I am setting up a 2.7’x2.7’ tent and I want to vent outside. There is already a previous dryer exhaust vent that I can use. I’ll be using a 6” AC Infinity fan, reduced to 4” at the wall. My house was built in 1962, so I don’t think it’s air tight. Any concerns with drawing air in to the tent a few feet from the utilities?
  2. i doubt it would cause a problem.
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  3. Anything using gas uses inside air,
    A passive fresh air intake would help and a carbon dioxide detector just in case.:thumbsup:
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  4. Why vent outside? Thats a small tent. I doubt there is a need to.
  5. I figured the existing exhaust vent is already there, and then I don’t need to buy a carbon filter for the odor
  6. There are 3 vents drawing air into the house, into 2 adjacent “cold rooms”. One is a 3” vent, that is stuffed with insulation and the other 2 are 2” vents with hoses on the interior that go to a small room that stored potatoes and onions. Should this suffice?
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  7. It might be,I'd get a co detector to be safe.
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  8. Yeah but if its cold/hot/humid outside, whatever air your pushing out of your house is getting replaced with even worse air.
  9. natural gas . It will will have vents . Good to go. Hot water heater vent on the top. Furnace vent you can see it clearly . I have zero concern .
  10. I grew in a utility room for a few years with my biggest tent's air intake right next to the furnace and HWH and had no problem. Like you, I exhausted through an old dryer vent to the outside. With that kind of setup your utility room will naturally draw in new air from the path of least resistance. In my room it was over the top of the walls separating the next room and under the door. As long as you don't get an big temp swings from the furnace you should be good to go.
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  11. My flower tent is directly accross from the furnace, my veg tent is to the right of the furnace. Whenever the furnace turns on a blower pulls outside air into the basement. It's a near perfect setup as the air in the basement gets exchanged fairly frequently. The plants have never had a problem with it.
  12. Yeah only issue the poster will have. Spreading the smell of the plants . Simple carbon will take care of that .
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