Grow tent in studio???

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  1. If I have a 400w hps in my closet, can I also run a 600w grow tent in my little studio? Can anyone tell me about electrical issues?
  2. Look at your breaker box and see what you can handle. No one knows how your studio is wired.
  3. I can look at my breaker box, it is in another closet, it just has a bunch of labeled on/off switches. Can I tell from the number of switches or something?
  4. If you live in the United States the electrical code in all 50 states more then encompasses something like a 600w HPS light being hooked up. 1500 watts is the maximum household wattage one can plug up to a outlet.

    Also if you are drawing to much current your circuit break will simply flip off.

    A LCD, Xbox, DVR uses considerably more power then a 600w light hooked up. Xbox/PS3 alone can use almost 400 watts as well as a DVR. Actually two of the most inefficient devices a person can own.
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    Learn something new every day. Great to know man.

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