Grow Tent in Garage?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am having troubles with my family regarding putting a 47"x47"x79" grow tent in my house. Heaven forbid any change occur in our household!
    Anyway my question is whether or not grow tents are okay to be put in garages or cooler places. I live in Michigan and it still gets pretty cold at night.
    Will my 1000 watt HPS/MH bulbs keep the plants warm enough and if not, what sort of heating options are there for grow tents?
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    Anyway. :)

    It seems to me that a 1000W light would probably keep it warm enough on it's own. But, if it doesn't you can always look into an electric heater with a thermostat. Set it to a low temperature. just enough to keep your plants happy. don't want any fires.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks man! You are one member a guy can always count on.
  4. The movie made my day thanks :)
  5. Space heaters is all I can think of too. I'm reppin the Mitten also, I have tents in my basement and use two $60 space heaters set at 65-67 to keep the tents at 70-73. But thats just my veg tent which only has cfl's. i'm sure once I start the flower with 2 600w hps's the temp will get up there without them. Good luck. Hopefully family learns how to compromise. My wife loves what I'm doin.
  6. Yea I have family members who grow and have med cards, but my situations is not as fortunate as there's.
    It's nice to see another Michigander grower :)
    Thanks for your help.
  7. They say Michigan is on its way to being the next California as far as MM is concerned. My wife is a pastry chef so we're excited for my first harvest to make some good medibles for the community. Also I just heard about a radio broadcast you might wanna check out- it's called High Noon, channel 1310am on your tuner on saturday at noon. They're supposed to talk about all the legal issues and other important stuff that us as growers should know about.
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    Thanks a lot man! Yea I agree that Michigan has quite a bit of potential in regards to MM. Not many dispensaries IMO.
    I'd love to buy some of your medibles if you ever make some.
  9. Most of the dispensaries are in Lansing, the reason for that? The guy who owns the dispensaries just so happens to be the brother of the head District Attorney. Nice to have family in high places. The thing is, most people including law enforcement don't fully understand the MMMA act passed in 2008. Technically speaking, dispensaries are still illegal. the act only allows people with medical cards to grow their own or have a caregiver grow for them. legally they can't obtain MM from anyone else. That's the crappy part, it's gonna take a lot of people getting busted for no reason before they amend the vague laws we have. But yes, when I do get the medibles rollin I would love to sell you some, unfortunately if I wanna stay out of jail you would have to make me your caregiver and have a medical card. I'm to skinny and so not tough enough to do hard time. I'm goin by the book 100% to avoid losing my freedom. I see the laws being very much relaxed in the next 10 years though. It's been a long time coming.
  10. I'd suggest having the lights on at night and then getting a small floor heater powered through a thermometer.

    Another dude around here who lives in Alaska does it that way.
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    Yea I'll be using 1000 watt bulbs 24/7 until flowering. I think that by the time it flowers, the temps will have warmed up outside.
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    Yea I believe that earlier this year one was closed in Bay City. Now the closest one to me is in Mt. Pleasant.
    I look forward to a more relaxed future. Personally I want to avoid 100% legalization because they will tax the shit out of the plant.
  13. OK cool. From what I see around here lights usually raise whatever the temp is by 10 degrees F. GL with your grow.

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