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  1. Alright then guys im no novice to growing indoors or out, but i havent done anything inside in about 2 years. really what i need help with is selecting a new tent for Prop and grow but it has to be 1.2 meter in height and fit around 20, 6.5l square pots. but i cant find anything meeting my specifications. can anyone help me please? also a reputable/discreet supplyer would be gratefull. thanks guys.

  2. Go to you might find that size your looking for. They sell an odd size tent its 4.5x8.5x7.5 Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Great thanks bud ill check it out now
  4. Here's what I did. Cost next to nothing. I went to Lowes and bought pvc pipe and a hack saw. Any size you want that way. Mine is 3x3x4.5. I needed 8 connectors for the corners top and bottom. 8 3 ft pieces and 4 4.5ft pieces. Cost about $15. Then I put thick black plastic on the outside and emergency blanket on the inside. Literally air tight. I have exhaust fan and 400w light set up. I also stapled a zipper to the front flaps.

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