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  1. Hey gc I have a 4x8x6 tent and currently have a 400w hps and 400w mh I'm gonna upgrade to a 1000w light and I'll be growing 8 plants. Temps are not a problem right now but will be soon, so my question is what's the best way to keep the temps down and best odor control for my set up. I'll be growing 5x blue cheese, vortex, purple haze #1, critical #47. My last grow with 4 small gdp x master kush got super stinky.
  2. As a 4x8" tent user myself please let me say... a single 1k light doesn't evenly light up the space. Either a light mover or 2 600s/three 400s would be my recommendation. Odor control suggestion will always be a carbon scrubber.

    Why do you assume you'll have heat issues? I've never ran a 400w system but my gut tells me that the mh + hps will run hotter then a 1k hps.
  3. The heat issue would come later in the year, last sumner the heat killed my plants. So I've ben avoiding growing in the summer.

  4. Are you using 2 fans? One fan for your hoods and one fan/filter for your growing area? I'm using the same size tent, setting up my ventilation with 2 600w lights. I'll be venting both fans outside instead of into the basement to keep my ambient temps down. Pumping all that heat into the same room as the tent instead of outdoors would lead to higher temps. Peak summertime my basement gets up to 75f, so I need to keep my temps 5-10f above ambient and I'm confident that my setup can do that. If my ambient temps were any higher I'd have problems. So, what kind of temps do you have in your living area during peak summertime? 80's? You could also use an a/c to lower the temps of the room where your tent is located, all that cool air would just be pumped through the grow and out of the house but it might just be enough for a great harvest.

    Here's a pic of my setup's a work in progress but you can see that my hoods are sealed off from the growing area, which is getting a separate 6" fan and filter (not in yet). Both fans will be ducted through a basement window under my sunporch.

    Cheers!! :smoke:
  5. I'm in nor cal and my garage gets to at least around 100 I've been thinking about running a small ac unit, I will be venting out of the garage still trying to dial in everything.

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