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Grow Tent Help with Carbon Scrubber and Inline Fan

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Biatchzxz, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hello peeps.. Always a pleasure to be on here....SO i recently bought a grow tent from Gyo Supplies 36 X 20 X 62 (Hydroponics Tent 36x20x62 Home Hydro Cabinet Grow Box - eBay (item 320316185010 end time May-02-09 20:10:55 PDT))
    I also just got my GrowBright 4" fan (170 cfm) and GrowBright Pure Flow 4" Activated Carbon Filter from HTG Supply price and all My question is how should i set this up.. I cant seem to figure out the best way to either mount the fan inside or outside the tent. Then I want to put the scrubber inside should i hang up vertically or up top horizontally Im not sure if i can .. What do you guys think i should do.. do you think its possible to mount the fan and scrubber inside the tent. or maybe mount the fan outside the tent and duct the scrubber out the tent into fan.. Will that be sufficient power for the fan to suck air through. Im sorry if this might be a stupid question for you guys. This is my first time using a carbon filter. Ive been growing for a while but never had a huge need to. But now i think i should.. So if you guys need anymore information let me know. Thanks everyone for your great posts and information. It has taught me a lot
  2. I also recently hooked up with a Sun Hut XL Silver. The thing came with a fan bracket, but I can't figure out how to use the darned thing with my vortex inline fan...

    Is there anyone out there who can help me out? post an explanation or better yet, a picture?!? Please?!? :confused:

    Here is a link to the instructions for the tent I am using... you see the fan bracket I am referencing here:

    http://www.horticulturesource.com/pdfs/SunHut XL Instructions 082908.pdf

    Thanks.. :wave:
  3. Whats up man I hope you got your scrubber all hooked up right, from my experience its better to have the scrubber on the inside of the tent with the fan pulling the air thru it, that way absolutely ALL the air inside the tent must go thru the carbon filter before going thru the fan and outside your room. Definitely better for suppressing smells.
    Anyway Ive been looking at picking up the 2x4x5 tent from GYO Supplies and was wondering how its been treatin ya so far??? I mean it looks good in the pics and seems to be made of the same materials that the more known brands are but theyre just so cheap it makes me wonder ya know! $80 compared to $2-250 is a big price difference! But any info you could shoot my way would be greatly appreciated man! Thanks

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