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  1. So I wanted to buy a big grow tent big enough to fill a normal size room, I want to grow 25 plants (clones) I just had a few questions, I know when the plants are in the veg state a MH light would be better and when in the flowering state a HPS light would be best. Say I got the tent how many MH lights would it take to grow 25 plants in a tent that size? Also when the plants are done in the veg state how do I switch lights (from MH to HPS) do I just unplug all the lights and plug in the HPS lights? How many HPS lights would it take? (Let's say the HPS and MH lights are all 600W) or is there a way I can plug all the lights in at once but ony use the MH for the first month or so then flip a switch and turn on the HPS light? Thanx guys

  2. Grow tents come in that size just check the online sites.

    You can use HPS all the way through many do and get great results. To switch from MH to HPS you have to physically change the bulb. There two different type of bulbs. They do not even look the a google image search youll see. That should answer your last questions....When its time to flower you take the MH bulb out insert HPS bulb in and screw. Then hit power switch..that easy.
  3. Okay cool thanx man that helped a lot, what do suggest? I know you can use hps all the way but I think you will get better results if I do the switch and I think 3 or 4 lights should do

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