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  1. Hey GC, I'm growing two feminized ny diesel plants(planted today) in my grow tent under a 400watt mh right now. I ordered an inline fan for the intake that should be here by the end of next week but right now my tent(left open with a/c on full blast) is getting up to 87degrees F.. I have a can fan combo but need an extra aluminum ducting tube for the exhaust that i will be getting tomorow. Any ideas on how to keep temps down temporarily until intake fan arrives?????

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  2. Take apart your can fan and use the fan to ehhast out of that vented hood. Also from experience with tents you should run the inline as an exhaust not an intake that light can be vented and thats the best way to control temps in a tent.
  3. Hey there VAdiesel your tent appears to be a Dark Room DR-40 or DR-80. Nice buy! I just bought DR-120 a couple of days ago. My girls are lovin' it. Here are a couple pictures of my setup:

    I have a 6" inline fan in the bottom vent port of the tent. I have not attached any vent duct to it. I use this fan as a supply fan. Then for exhaust I have vent duct coming off my hood and out the top side vent port, connected to a can fan which is sitting on top of my tent. With just those two fans and a humidifier inside the tent. I am able to keep my temps at about 75-80 degrees. Thats with my tent completely zipped shut. Also with a 1000 watt HPS in it as well. I wish you luck with your new DR-80. I hope this helped a little.
  4. Thanks for the great advice and yes it is a darkroom not sure which one though:smoking: I definitely want to run duct from the hood as well but my question is(because i can't tell from the small pics) do i run the duct from the hood to the exhaust fan and have duct from one end of the exhaust to the filter? pretty much can i push air out of the carbon filter effectively?
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    Yes. It's not as efficent, but you can still push air thru a carobn filter. But, if you have the room inside the tent, then put the filter inside and run the duct from the filter thru the light and out of the tent into your fan's intake. I have a 2x4x5ft tent and my temps stay around 78-80 using this method. The one thing I found that helps out alot is a normal oscillating fan inside the tent to circulate the air inside the tent. Adding that changed my measured temps by about 5 degrees.G.L.

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