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  1. hi all,

    Just starting out. I have a 2 ft Kush, a kush clone and 3 Northern light seedlings. The clone and seedlings are under a 100 wat t5 flourescent. The main plant is under a 200 watt led. I have a Mylar 2 x 3 x 5 grow tent arriving Tuesday. I hope I can tap some knowledge from here
  2. what ya need to know
  3. Don't want to overcrowd the tent. I have a huge one but to big for my apt. Trying to figure out the best scenario. I also have a second led I can use but it doesn't have the bloom feature
  4. were lost . what the question ?
  5. I have a 3 x2 grow tent. Mylar 600D. LED light, how many plants
  6. 5' tall tents are so short. It's very hard to grow a decent size plant in one. 6' is minimal size IMO for flower. You can make 5' work but you're limited to 18-24" for plant height and that's it. My plants are like over 4ft tall. I use an 80" tall tent and I'm out of headroom.

    Don't worry about the veg bloom features of led lights. It's more hype then anything. One thing I realized after growing led for a short time is that the veg switch reduces the light power output by half usually. No thanks. Many led's run full spectrum the whole time so this won't hurt a thing. It's much better then cutting the power output in half IMO.

    5 foot tents make a decent veg tent but flowering plants like to stretch.
  7. As I said 200 watts,
  8. So put both veg and bloom on to use lights full potential?
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  9. It sort of depends on your circumstances and if the plants are large enough to make use of the light yet but yes more light power is pretty much better. I was using a platinum p450 and with both flower and veg on it is 255 watts. In veg it's 137. As you can imagine it covers much less area and the plants don't grow as fast with half the wattage no matter how great the veg spectrum is.
  10. I'm in a large apt, single so no issues. I have my main plant set up in one room on 18/6, my seedlings are in the living room, now on 24 hrs to see how it works. Main plant is kush, not sure what kind, the rest are Northern light auto

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