Grow tent/AC unit problems

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gettinkrunkd, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Ok, so ive had my grow tent with 2 fans in it and my 400w system in it consistently getting 85-92 degrees in the middle of the day. Well i ran across a cheap 6500 btu window a/c unit. well my boy made me a bracket that funnels the air into a 4 in duct that gos to the grow tent. well i have the a/c set to 60 degrees, and my temps are about 81 deg and higher when i hooked it up ton. Any ideas why? I even unzipped the front and put a fan in to suck in air, and it only got to 81, when i zipped it all the way closet..etc like it should be it was around 87 88 deg.......I have no idea what else to do, any ideas PLEASE...??!?! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  2. I was at the hydro store today talking over a problem about ventilation and I was instructed that the need for ventilation, other than the obvious exchange of fresh air, could be greatly reduced by placing the glass chambers around the grow light and focusing on cooling or removing the grow light heat. So if your having trouble controlling your whole grow tent, try just tackling the lamp which is the actual only source of heat.
  3. good man, makes sense, ill give it a go maybe
  4. Sounds like you just need more ventilation man. Get a cage fan/dayton blower or 2 and you should be good to grow. Also, make sure you take air in from the bottom of the tent and release it from the top. that with the addition of your a/c unit...ur set.
  5. yea bro, i got it all squared away now. it was just a matter of fine tuning. I got it not running at 73 deg closed...etc..good to go now!

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