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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Dbz Hertz, May 23, 2013.

  1. Hey, I'm about to make this happen (credit card in hand), and I need some opinions.

    I'm going with a Gorilla tent. I don't want to fuck around with quality, so that's that. I only want to grow enough herb for myself. Two plants, MAX. Scrog style.

    I want a larger tent because I'd like to keep the smell contained while having the elbow room to tend the plant.

    2 x 4, 3 x 3, or 4 x 4?

    The price difference is rather large @ $70+. If it were you, would 8-9 sqft be enough to grow your two plants? 16 too big? What is optimal? Does optimal exist?

  2. Optimal would be based on the light you use, which is based on how big you veg and if you scrog for a large canopy, and how fast you want a harvest.
    If you veg fast, with small plants for a small quick harvest, then a smaller light and smaller tent are fine. If you plan to veg a long time (4 weeks or more) you're looking at pretty tall and wide plants, so bigger is better.
    What are your plans for those and we can go from there.
  3. I'll be purchasing a Lumatek 400 and possibly running it at 250w. The price is just too good not to get. I'd like to keep veg times to a minimum. Since this will be my first grow, I'd like to keep the heights manageable. I don't want to get in over my head. I'm thinking my screen will be at around 18" - 20" from the ground, based on pot/hydro size.

    I was about to build a 2x2 cab, but then realized how affordable tents are. I think I could see myself in a 2 x 4. I'd have a nice 4ft square space to stand and work in. 3x3 gets me a 1ft "L" shaped walk around (seems awkward for some reason). 4x4... Just me wanting to go bigger it seems.

    I'd like to harvest tomorrow. Since that's impossible, I can be flexible. I'm more concerned with producing a proper crop than a quick one.

  4. Walking around in a tent isn't easy. Put your bed within a foot of the wall and try to squeeze around it. Now imaging you have fans and lights and fragile plants that you hit every time you move. Not happening. Bigger is better so you can expand as needed. Or stay with small, no biggie if you think you'll never go bigger. With two plants you'll start out at 250w, but half way through flower you'll probably switch to 400w. If you're thinking of a 4x4 tent then get a 600w dimable so when you want to expand you don't have to buy again.

    Don't the sides of the tent open so you don't even have to stand inside it to work?!
  5. Thank you for you assistance on this matter. After much deliberation, I'll be purchasing either the 4x4 or 5x5. At only $30 difference, I'm leaning toward the 5.

    I'm not concerned about upgrading in the future. I most certainly will not be upgrading for at least 2 years based on current circumstances. I will be purchasing a 400w Phantom.

    The reason I want a bigger tent is because is like a self contained room. I'd rather trim the plant whilst standing in it for odor control. That way I can work on it without smell escaping. Perhaps I could put a small table and toolbox in the tent too.

    Thank you. You've certainly helped me make this decision.
  6. a 250w only covers about 2'x2' area, bigger than that and growth will be uneven. a 400w covers a 3x3 nicely and a 600w will cover a 4x4
    it's good to have the sides up against the plants so they can make use of the reflected light. a 400w covering 9 square feet will take 4 plants nicely.

    if I were you I would get a 600 and if you want, you can set it on 300w. you will then still have the option of 400w and 600w. just gives you more range, and 300 is practically the same as a 250

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