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  1. I wanted to know if anyone could help me. My grow box has a temp of 88-90 I was wondering if this temp is fine or do I need to cool it down?
  2. Are your leafs curling or drooping? Both are signs of heat stress. If not I wouldn't worry about it. But I have to tell you my plant don't like anything over 85. But I believe it depends on the strain you are growing. I believe Sativa's can tolerate more heat. IDK I might have that backwards.
  3. No, their not drooping or anything. And I'm not using a specific strain I'm just using bag seeds. I think its my setup, I have a box made with a metal trash can. (will post pics) I think it may be that the metal is keeping it hot?
  4. Looks kinda rough but the only thing wrong is the temp? Any suggestions?

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  5. Drill a hole in the garbage can and mount a pc fan blowing out through the hole. Should be enough to vent that small of an area.
  6. Thats the thing. I have already done that and that is as low as it will go. Only other thing I can think is add more fans lol.
  7. Make sure you seal the fan that is blowing out of the can. So that no air can leak around it. Otherwise you will need a bigger fan. Or possible figuring out a way to seal the lid on your garbage can.
  8. I'll try sealing it better and see if that helps. Thanks

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