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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by GroTrees, May 17, 2004.

  1. any of you growers plant the seeds directly into the soil, if so how succesful are you with that, also wondering if anyone has tried planting near streams of stuff like that were they can get away with jus the water table and natural watering and not have to water, i already planted half of my seeds after my mom found 27 plants in my closet i figged i wouldnt germ these ones in my room, but im hoping ill still have close to the same success, any thoughts, comments, i now theyll take longer to germ, but im wonderng if ill have a lesser germn rate etc.
  2. iev always started them indoors and oyu probaby have at least 70% higher sucess rate as from what ive seen growing various plants starting then in and outdoors. it sepends on how well your soil is drained and how low the table is. 2" about water if your right near a stream should be fine. Good luck!
  3. HIGH All, I do the same as gr0wer..start inside. Planting near a stream is great...but you still might have to water it. When we go to our spot we have a tree that is blown over and left a big hole where the roots it's beautiful watering hole we share with the wildlife. The thing is the water is very acidy as you can see by the meter....we now use PH up to our desired PH which is around 6.5.

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  4. I always start in early March indoors in pots and then late March i transplant outside. It's always worked well for me.
  5. welcome qtip, so your an experienced newbie to this forum? did you come form another site or this is your first form? Its nice to see some new faces in outdoors. care to share yur past grow's strains and yields.

    unoit, how long jave you been growing outdoors? I thought you were a bubbler only man. :D

  6. HIGH All, just as long as I've been doing Hydro....varity is the spice of life..I'm sure you've heard. Done marijuana most ways and of coarse being the "Stoner Sterotype" I perfere the easiest way...and trust me "the easiest" way is the onl;y way to go.

    Shit be planting outdoors for years and still have spots we first dugup in the late 80's....Texada Timewarp is one we'll try...did them indoors..but..well. See what happens this year..Eyes going BUGGY and Rocdog is needing my quick attention,,toke...toke..back in a few my friends.

    And I thought I was down for th count....ha...ha..
  7. grOwer....thanks for the welcome. I visit the hightimes website daily but this is my first forum. I found this site accidently several weeks ago and have been reading every since. There is lots of good information here.
    I'm in no way a professional grower and i'm not a seller but i've been growing weed off and on now for 20yrs or so and have gotten pretty good at it but i still learn something new every time i grow. My brother and i grow for personal smoke. We both love to smoke and the opportunity to grow has always been there since we grew up on a farm and still live on a farm. I started out in my growing youth with seeds from local buys and then the next year i would use the seeds from a polinated female from the following year. I soon realized that the weed just kept getting better each year so i now always try and polinate several branches on a single plant to have seeds for the next year and have been doing that for years. I have no ideal what strain it is but it is now very good smoke for these parts and not bad from an old country farm boy. From the looks, smell and taste my guess would be some type of skunk. I tried to post some pics but can't get it to work. I would be glad to email you a couple and see if you have any ideal what strain it is.
    Growing up on a farm in the sticks i didn't have much knowledge about different strains i just knew i was growing some killer weed. Then about 6yrs ago a friend of mine introduced me to a strain called Romulan and that was some kick ass weed no doubt. Next he had some good luck with blueberry and that was probably the best weed i've ever smoked. I'm a little shy about the mail order route but my friend isn't and has given me a few seeds over the past couple of years and the outlook is very promising. I really like the looks of the strain white widow as well as others that i've seen pictures of and read about and i hope to give the ole green thumb a try at growing some of those strains in the future.
  8. check out the strainguide, nirvana is the cheapest most reliabe breeder buy seeds from . As you will see white widdow is som good bud but White Rhino (a hybrid of white widdow) is superior.
    check your pm's qtip
  9. got mail, and thanks for the links.
  10. hey guys i croped his pics, thats a nice pile of colas!

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  11. here it is

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  12. Thanks grOwer!
  13. Im growing the STrain ( TimeWarp) its a single strain,outdoor Plant,an awesome choice..This will grow up to 8 feet and taller minimum..TimeWarp,check it out.
  14. Damn gr0wer u got some nice plants...... i am gonna plant soon, if u all could help a girl out and read my post in "i need advice" and help me out purdy please ;)
  15. LOL, those are Qtips plants, but they sure are nice.

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