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Grow-style question

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by medicinal27, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. I have a 2'x2'x10' space to grow in. How many plants should I grow, and how should I grow the plants to maximize my yield. Because I really need them to get tall, and not so much bushy at first.
  2. When vegging keep the light as far away as possible. Most people will say there is an optimal zone and keep it there. They are not wrong but in veg you wanna add about 1'-2' more because if you want tall plants you want to stretch(just expect to do some scrog"screen of green" later just to hold your heavy buds up because you will have thinner stems usually). If you use 2gal buckets you can keep them all touching (1sqft per plant MINIMUM)
    If you are using a 600w+ during veg you can keep it as high as possble.
  3. yea put the light rally far away like up to 4ft maybe if its a 1000w MH, the plants will stretch to get to it
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    Why on earth would you want plants to stretch? If you want taller plants, veg them longer. As long as your heat is under control put the mh as close as you can to your plants. Putting lights cliser doesnt make the plant wider, it just creates less distance between nodes. Indoor lights only penetrate a couple of feet down into the canopy, there isnt a significant advantage to growing a six foot plant.
  5. Its not about 6ft plants its about veg time. And top those mfers if you want more bud who cares if you have one huge bud or a lot of smaller as long as you get the same weight. That is why I veg that way. And yes there is a too high level for light but for a 400w mh that is about 6ft.
    And this is talking optimal (pepertual) growing conditions where you harvest every week. Sure the one big grow you will put your lights closer during veg I guess but even then just grow a shit ton or top it a lot. You want your weight to be in bud not thick stem

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