Grow stores a ripoff in Alaska!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by rimfirematt, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Maybe Its just cause Im in alaska. But man I have visited both of the main hydro stores here in Anchorage and their prices are absurd! They wanted 375.00 for a UFO LED 90W. I get on the manafactures website and the MSRP is 299.00! WTF, BTW they are on sale for 199.00 right now.

    Im posting this for my fellow alaskans! Dont get caught up with the onslaught of crazy info they give you while they are just piling up stuff for you to buy.

    THe nutes, dirt, planters and what not are reasonable but all the big ticket items like tents, lights, bulbs can be bought for half price off amazon. Most of it free shipping to boot.

    I bought a tent, in line fan, filter, fan speed control and a small desktop fan for the same price as what they wanted for just the tent at the garden store!
  2. Most are like that. Even deeper, most small business brick and mortar stores are significantly more expensive then their online counterparts, it's just how it works out when you have more business expenses accompanied with the occasional dickhead owner who price gouges and spread misinformation.
  3. I buy from my local hydro shop when I can just to support them. They throw a party every year and raffle off thousands in equipment. But yea, just like everybody else, they make their money in this business. I think they make a big chunk off growers who like to stay anonymous, people with a lot of cash to blow, and people who can afford the convenience. I suppose if it's your first setup and your budget is limited, then it makes more sense to buy it online.
  4. I've noticed that around me not for everything in the store but alot of the lights that kind of stuff, I think it's cause they have to make enough money I can understand supporting them to a point but if the stuffs really over prices I wouldn't buy it there
  5. I own a small business. A plumbing shop. I know it's possible to be competitive and still make a profit. As of right now I can charge 20% more than amazon and still make enough money to stay in business. The grow shops now in town won't sustain growth or competiveness with the 100% markup. I'd line to support local bit not if it means I have to be stupid
  6. It's not really a ripoff, it's just how stores work, they have to make money to pay the bills.
  7. Way less overhead when all you have is a shopment and sorting facility to maintain versus a store. The Internet is usually the way to go but there's a local grow shop that's small and run by a man and his wife who are both very cool.

    I sent my gf to pick up a carbon filter for me and she came back with a piece of hash he made. Can't put a price on that!

    The other grow shop across the street is very corporate-ish and sucks so they wouldn't get my business lol

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