Grow starting to look odd....

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  1. I have a few plants looking darker green and having the tops curl around... I'm assuming over nutrient so I'll flush when they need their next feeding and back off all nutrients for the feeding after that.
    Currently using FF Grow Big (2 tsp: gal), DynaGro Foliage Pro (1/2 tsp: gal) and Alaska Fish Fert (1 tsp:gal)

    Once I start up again I think I'm going to drop the Alaska Fish Fert.

    Temp 70-74F with humidity 50-58%

    And here's the three not looking so hot:

    They also look droopy which I know is a sign of over watering which I really thought I was waiting till they were light and dry, but I'll push out feeding a day more to ensure they are needing it.

    Let me hear your thoughts on health, feeding, etc =)
    Thanks everyone!
  2. In my opinion I feel like the leaf color looks fine, definitely droopy, I can only assume overwatering, how often do you water? and you say you always wait till the pots are light correct?
  3. Definitely nutrient toxicity or shock from something. Not overwatering. I dont grow with chems so I dont have much advice other than stop using bottles :love-m3j:
  4. @Bio Yeah, pots are light when I water... when I water it seems to come out the bottoms instantly so I do a light water until it starts soaking in at the top then water them until they run off and feel heavy again

    @JC; I agree, temperatures were high, 85-91 and very low humidity until I got the portable A/C for the room and got the temp back down, aside from that could only be the "what" I'm giving them so I think backing off till they get better looking and then attempt half dosage of what I was giving till they look good .
  5. They are small so easy with all the ferts for a week or two and the water too, should get better then gl
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  6. :Love-Plant:very excited, they are 13-15" right now
  7. yup flush away then it will pickup just wtr pufff babe
  8. Cant see any pics on mobile but sounds like nitrogen tox

    Darker green and clawing

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  9. How are they doing now??
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