Grow Spot? help me out GC [vids inside] !

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 00gen00, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. First of all, you can't bump a thread within 3 hours of the original post. Wait 24 hours at least.

    My first impression of the spot is that it is sketchy. The main problem is not the spot itself. It is access to the spot. Going into the woods every few days from the street is bound to raise suspicion.

    IMHO, if you can see houses, they can see you. I know it is winter, and the tree cover is not what it is going to be in the summer. But still...

    Good luck.
  2. yeah, ok....

    yeah the spot would be hard to enter, i'd have to go right when it gets dark...
  3. Honestly, for what it's worth, it seems like more of a hassle and you're not going to get good results. For instance, that area looks a little dense w/out much sunlight, you'll have to carry water and check your site regularly, worry about animals that might trample your plant, and worry about someone finding your site.

    I would just wait til you get your own place and scrap this idea. Not worth it.
  4. it looked like ther was lots of trees and in the summer that means lots of shad, you cant tell by the videos but it didnt look like you whent that far into the woods how far are you hiking into the woods to get to your plot?

    and some trees arent good to grow by cuz the leaves have toxins like black walnut and others im not sure which ones but i read it somewhere on the forum you mite want to look into that.
  5. Save yourself the trouble..
  6. Just Don't do it
  7. a guerilla grow should kinda be a hassle since its suposed to be in a remote location out in the widlerness. if your set on doing i would im going to set up a couple come march when i move back to cali. maybe the spot isnt totaly lagit but theres others out there good luck.
  8. Also, do you know who's land it is? I'm assuming it's not yours. Around here, someone can get shot for trespassing on private land. If it's not private land, most likely it is public or BLM (Federal or state) land which is even worse. If caught, you could face other Federal charges in addition to cultivating. Don't do it unless it's your own property!
  9. yeah... i'm gonna save my money & time this season :smoking:
  10. I was amused by the video directions which led anyone who might recognize the area directly to what could have been your grow spot. Not exactly the stealthiest idea.

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