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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wordupson, May 26, 2010.

  1. I need some advice on my grow space. I already put up panda film to make a 10x10 area but still have 15x10 in space. I'm already using the 10x10 space for my current strains, but after harvest, I'll just leave mothers and clones in there. For the 15x10, how do you think I should design this room to use it to its maximum potential? I've been thinking about using SCROG with two 600w lights or one 1000w light with the plants in 3 1/2 gallon buckets. I'm not sure how long I should veg and flower for though, but the strain I'm going to be using is Chunky Monkey, it is indica dominant. Has anyone had any experience with any SCROG grows or know any fellow friend GC'ers that do? I'm in need of a lot more yield due to time factors, so I'm going hydro with the hempy buckets. I'll probably have till August to grow and then I'm moving out. One of my main goals for growing is more yield and faster harvests, so how do you think I would be able to accomplish that?

    Oh yeah, would anyone happen to know any strains of high quality, but big yield that you have experienced with? Also, how much should I be feeding my 5 gallon buckets? Currently, I've been doing two feedings, morning and night and 10oz of water each feeding. Is that even enough or should I add way more? Two more questions, what do you think is best suitable for my grow room, a CO2 generator or tank and how fast can clones grow in hempy buckets within a two weeks time frame?
  2. Anyone help?
  3. You need at least six 600 watt. Best would be eight 600 watt or six 1000 watt.
  4. yeah 10 x 15 even at 50 watts sq. ft thats 7500 watts i'd go with no less than 5000 if i'd even do that
  5. first off you need more light for that area but i didnt i had 6 15 gallon buckets in soil and they all grw over 6 feet in flowering my tallest one was almost 9 feet indoors and this was a 10 x7 area i got pretty distant size buds but in a 10x10 area 2 1000 watt bulbs is best and in a 10 x15 room area 4 1000 watts if you have 5 gallon pots in soil like me i water 2 times a week in a 5x7 grow area 6 under 1000 watt bulb more yield comes towards the end of flowerng so if you have an 8 week starin push it to 9 weeks. i feed my 5 gallon pot with nutes on monday about 1- 2 gallons of water let it dry then on thursday i give it 2-3 gallons of phed water no nutes then final flush 2 weeks prior to harvest 3 times the pot size with water 1 time per week and rember optium growth is 1000 watt bulb per plant for max and fast yield.

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