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  1. So, I want to know what the experienced growers do at local grow shops. What do you say you are growing? What if you are directed to a product that works well for the plant you stated, but you know it's not good for cannabis? How do you buy your supplies without seeming out of place from some questioning about your garden?

    Don't you get weird looks for buying blooming/flowering nutes in January?
  2. Not too sure how to answer you but I'll share this.

    Me and my dad went to the local nursery and were looking for soils and stuff and the guy asked what we were growing..

    We just were silent for a few seconds and my dad said Orchids

    (I have no idea what orchids even are)

    And the guy I guess caught on and was like.. "Well.. blah blah blah is good for orchids.. or whatever else you are growing.. but I'd look for this, or use this because it makes the final product that much better"

    And he said it all hinty like

    I wonder if people even harvest orchids lol
  3. lol, That's the kind of situation I think could be awkward or even downright bad. I want to avoid that.
  4. Tell them your growing a different variety of spices..
    PPuts you close to what your actually growing.
  5. Just know everything you need before you go in. Know which brands/types specifically that you want and why you want those ones so if they don't have exactly what you want they can suggest something similar that will still fit the criteria you need.

    Garden centre employees aren't cops and they don't really care what you're up to. They're just trying to be friendly, do their jobs and make sales. If you aren't upfront about what you're doing I doubt they'll pry because they don't want you to be uncomfortable.
  6. Zeddy is the voice of reason. Personally, I'm already set for winter.:D

  7. Most of the grow shops have products on their shelves with names like sensi-zyme and canna-zyme and big bud and such. You don't need to tell them shit, if you're in a hydro store, they pretty much know what your growing.

    There are a lot of folks that grow tomatoes and herbs hydroponically, and if in the extremely rare case you are asked, tell them "tomatoes". Tomatoes need almost the exact same care and nutrition as MJ.

    The other point to consider is this......If you so much as mention weed in a hydro store, you will be asked to leave. There have been cases where hydro store owners have been tried and convicted on conspiracy charges for knowingly selling grow equipment to commercial/small scale growers.

    If you have a specific question to ask, use these forums here, then walk into the store with a list of what you need, ask for it, PAY CASH, and walk out. Don't mention weed once, you will not be welcome back to your hydro store.
  8. Wow that's great, now some stranger knows you're growing... :rolleyes:

    If you are going to a "consumer" gardening store (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Walmart, local nursery) then you should do you homework on the web first to find out what you need to be looking for, and then when you go shopping there's no need to ask a lot of questions. If a salesperson wants to be helpful with questions to you just be vague and politely put them off ("I know what I'm looking for, if you could just point me to the organic potting soil?" "This way. Here, let me help you, what are you growing?" "Oh, a variety of things. I'll let you know if I need any more help thanks.") You can expect more questions at a local nursery, in general they will be more passionate gardeners than people at stores that sell gardening supplies along with lumber or diapers.

    If you are going to a hydro store then you don't have to worry, they know what you're growing and won't ask.
  9. i went to 2 hydro stores in different states in the past few months. both were totally shameless & were totally on the ball. makes me want to open my own store.
  10. I would not ever say 'weed' or any difinitive term for cannabis. That seems fairly obvious. It's the pause and thought that looks suspicious. If questioned for what I am growing most likely my answer would be tomatos. The shorter days of fall through spring would have me stating cherry tomato's in my house.

    I expect to be going to a local nursery to check out what they have. Part of the problem with that is that there are many different products out there that are similar to the oft mentioned ones on GC, yet are not easy to identify as such. Also, the oft mentioned ones are often not found locally. FF nutes are a good example.

    Edit: TY to everyone who posts about this topic.
  11. if i get asked at the home depot/lowes or any mom & pop shop i just say "i have no idea it's for my mom"...
  12. The grow store that I go to has a sign outside stating that if you are a Med MJ Patien, they cannot even sell to you. They are dead cool however and seem to know quite a bit about tomatoes
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    It is that I do not have enough knowledge about growing any plants to really understand how much I do not know about growing anything. I can plant a simple garden and have decent results but it is not high quality. I would assume the same lack of knowledge about nutrients and do not know how to ask for what, in a respectable manner.

    I guess I'm asking because I want to be smart when I walk in. I want to be able to cover all of my bases.

  14. lmao, I can understand their worries though.
  15. That was some funny shit SlackerBee!......
  16. If you ever make it up to the Freemont area you should pop in ... a very nice shop with very nice people and decent ~ prices :).
    Look at the sign on the outside storage area gate for the comical interlude :)
  17. I'm long overdue for a road trip!
  18. ChunkDaddyo,
    HaHa, You should shout out if you run up this way ... always down for coffee & a scoobie snack or two


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