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  1. Hey everyone!! I need some veterans growers on this one or anyone that has some solid suggestions.

    So...I have a shed I'm trying to design the most simplistic way I can. Without wasting money and time. The shed measures to be around 900 cubic feet.

    Entire room will be insulated with Eco Tec Reflective.


    LIGHTS = (2) adjust a wing with (2) 600w bulbs and what ever ballers you guys think best

    Inline fan and filter = open to suggestions

    Co2 = open

    Dehumidifier =open

    this is what I'm basing from

    This shed is being made for medical reasons and it's all for personal consumption. I know I can rely on you guys to Guide me in the right direction. So I can at least start sooner then later.

    Thanks everyone.

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  2. Gut the room, make sure you have plenty of power.

    Insulate the walls/ceiling but leave a vent space gap on the ceiling above the insulation or you'll get condensation. You can accomplish this gap by stapling string or chicken wire mesh about 1" down from the roof plywood to keep the insulation from pushing all the way up against the roof.

    You can sheetrock or you can buy some panda white/black poly and just cover the walls by stapling it on over the insulation white side out. Paint the floor with a heavy duty white paint to get a clean fresh layer in there.

    I would say forget the complication of co2, not worth the effort/cost. You can grow all the weed you'll ever want without it. A good exhaust system and well laid out air circulation fans are probably going to negate the need for a dehumidifier as well. You'll possibly need a small heater for the off cycle.

    If you want HPS I would use vented hoods that are a separate air system from the room air where they duct in and out on their own fan. Use a separate fan to control odor with a carbon filter and 6" exhaust fan on a variable speed controller.
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  3. Definitely gutting it out. So you think I shouldn't need a mini split just a heater for the cold mouths ?

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  4. I guess it depends on how hot it is but we are approaching winter. May not need an ac until next year. Many growers including me run 1000 watts or over total and use no ac, just vigorous exhaust fan air circulation. My cool supply air comes from my home. If it's practical you may consider pumping in warm, dry indoor air for your intake air.
  5. So should I just us regular insulation then?

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  6. The mini split is in that setup because it's a co2 garden. You cannot maintain proper ppm levels of co2 without a controller that senses ppm and a sealed room. Since the room is sealed during lights on and you have possibly 1200 watts in there it gets hot. You need ac in a sealed room. In a vented room ac is maybe necessary and maybe not. It also doesn't have to be quite as large as a sealed room ac system would have to be sized.
  7. Depends on your budget. I would use just fiberglass for the walls but you could cover the ceiling with 2"
    high density foam and then secure white plastic or sheetrock directly on top of the foam with long screws. This would provide superior insulation because it would cover the rafters. It would also preserve the roof vent space. High density foam is expensive though compared to fiberglass. Just like sheetrocking the thing would be significantly more the plastic.
  8. You probably still want to use the ecotech stuff on top of the walls/lid. It's hard to have too much insulation. It makes the place cooling in the sun and warmer in the cold. Any extra amount is going to lower your costs long term of heating and cooling.

    You may as well insulate the empty joist space inside the walls with fiberglass before you put that other stuff on. The more you do the better off you'll be.
  9. Do u think then if it gets colder to have them lights exposed and not vented so it helps heat the room?
    Because if I go your way I'm going to be pulling outside air in and I assume I have to filter that outside air coming in then have a carbon filter with an in-line fan exhausting air out the top.

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  10. OK sweet I'll put in regular fiberglass in between the joists and then cover it all with that tec stuff

    And just wanted to say you're helping me out a lot you have no idea.

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  11. Using outdoor air for intake is tricky. It can be loaded with moisture. It varies a lot. That's why I mentioned ducting it in from your home. You can disconnect the exhaust of the vented hoods and dump it in the room if you need more heat in the winter over what just the light will provide even vented.

    Carbon filter goes in the top of the grow space grabbing the hottest air and it's hooked to a large exhaust fan. If you use a filter on your intake air for the space it should just be a fabric mesh ac duct system type filter.
  12. [​IMG]

    This is what I was looking at but honestly if you think I can get by with good insulation and a well vented room then I might as well do the vented route because I don't really want to mess with CO2 right now
    So do you think I still need vented reflectors?

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  13. I would definitely go vented hoods they help with light distance as well. I'm an led grower so honestly I would buy 4 of these. Trying not to complicate things. 4 of these can cover 4x8.
    Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit

    CO2 is way too complicated for little benefit.

    The heat pump is very cool though. It would remove moisture. Many people don't know that an ac is a dehumidifier. It would also heat the space in the winter. You wouldn't need that large of an exhaust setup because the ac would help you control the temps. I'm always about saving money though and exhaust fans and ducting are cheaper then ac's and then paying to run them.
  14. Those lights are pretty interesting. Definitely going to look into those.
    Yeah man I'm kind of screwedThe sheds too far from the house good idea though.

    So all in all if I want the vented route and if it was winter time and it's too cold I can just use the vented air from either my lights and or exhausted vent. So my intake will have to have a fabric mesh ac type filter.

    So if you can tell me I know I'm going to need three fans one for the lights one for the exhaust and one for the intake. How big of fans do you suggest and what size carbon filter do you think I need ?

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  15. Run your exhaust fan on a variable speed controller. You just slow it way down for the winter.

    6" fans are pretty good and cheaper then 8". When 6" isn't enough for some people they step up to 8" stuff. I think you should be ok with a 440cfm variable speed 6" fan. I would run 2 of them. One dedicated to the lights ducting and the other for room exhaust hooked to a carbon filter both with speed controllers. Just rely on passive intake. You need at lest two circulation oscilating fans. I like tower fans. They can take up a corner that does little else and they don't snag when they go back and forth.
  16. I agree with the air cooled hoods. Could link them together then to the exhaust and have a passive intake. And on the open end of the aircooled hood connect your filter.
    Keep everything as simple as possible.
    You dont have to have the filter right away so if you need to you can put that money towards other things like the lights. But the air cooled hoods will be really good for in the summer when u need to get that heat out of there. Think of the long term.

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  17. That makes a lot of sense if I can ask you one question what brand reflectors or a good bang for my buck? Preferably a kit that has bulb and ballast with it

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  18. Man thank you so much this is helped me a great deal so I guess I'll make one or two openings on the bottom of the shed and make a slot for a intake filter? How big should my holes be ??

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  19. General rule of passive intake is twice the size of your exhaust. Example. 4" exhaust 8" intake

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  20. That depends on budget and whats available. I ended up getting a cool tube hood for $200
    With balast, mh and hps bulbs, timer, rachet hangers from a website called "factory authorized outlet". I searched every where amazon, kijiji, ebay, local hydroponics stores. And thats where i found the best deal. Id recommend doing the same (shop around for what you want). Dont just buy the first thing you find lol but get the complete packages as this will save you in the end.

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    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow

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