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  1. This is my plan for a grow shed. Looking for input on how to improve it as I'm a first time grower. I plan It to be a 10' wide 12' long 10' high I want my flower room 10' wide by 5' deep with 2 HPS lights covering approximately 10-12 plants with a veg room with floro or MH lighting at 10' wide by 4' deep this room will also house my clone/starter chamber on a shelf thats 4' wide 3' deep that's approximately 4 feet off the ground underneath this shelf I plan to place as water aging tub (unknown capacity) then I'll have my entry way into shed/rooms and a dry room where all the drying will take place this room will also have a fresh air intake at floor level and will have a 8 inch in line booster fan to pull fresh air and push in into veg and flower rooms veg will have a 4 inch take off out to middle of room and then in flower room it will have two 8 inch take offs one per light. the shed will be exhausted through a layered carbon filter layers will be carbon filter media and the sleeves of activated carbon. Air movement will be oscillating fans 2 in flower room and one in veg
  2. Sorry for the double post idk why it did it and can't figure out where to delete it at??

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