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    I have two 100 Watt equivalent bulbs and i have two more i have not put yet because theres only one plant right now i put 2 more into the little setup im going to have them inside their until the top of the plant is going through the little iron stand i have its hard to explain but that will be once its atleast 4inches tall, anyways i also bought four 2700k bulbs to switch for the flowering i have one plant growing well i plant it from seed 2 days ago and it was standing really straight and the leaves where folded up it was really dry and the light was weak i changed it to the 200watt two bulbs watered it and the leaves opened it seems to be liking the light a lot more im also going to put something under the pot to make the plant a little more closer i also have a fan on one pic it doesn't feel too cold b/c its far and the stem doesn't wobble its quite thick actually but the bulbs produce a little little amount of heat but enough to hopefully keep the plant warm :hello::smoke: sorry for writing a whole newspaper here im off for a session :D *edit*, Almost forgot the pictures here they are also their is like a brown extra part of a leaf that i tried to take off but it was stuck on the plant i don't believe its a burn because it looks like its stuck on it not part of it, probably nothing?
  2. looks like thats just the shell still stuck on the leaf.

    I assume you're using cfls, dont go by the equivalent. if it says 23w 100w incandescent equivalent, go by the 23. you need 100w the first plant and 50w for each additional.
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    Just re-read it and i got what your saying i think. i have four 23watts 23 x 4 = 92watts not enough for 1 plant?

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