Grow setup idea, space effiency with hydroponics.

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    Hello all, I've been looking through grow setups for a while now. Silently stalking your threads -_- lol.

    But I've been wanting to come up with a nice fairly well sized stealth setup, and I've come up with an idea I think will be nice. I've never once grown before, other than regular vegetables outdoors. But I'm going to skip right into hydroponics because I have confidence that I can do it especially with the help of you guys :)

    So I'll be getting probably a set of 36 gallon rubbermaid tubs.


    Buying the set of 6 will cost about $111.00 so it's still somewhat pricey but I think for a setup and some extra tubs it's not too bad, especially with the price of pre-made grow boxes.

    (L x W x H) 20.0 x 37.0 x 18.5

    So stacked together should get a nice 3 feet with a little extra.

    I'll probably stack two together, cut a hole in the lid of the bottom one just to where the inside will connect the two, but leaving enough to bolt them together from the inside so it doesn't look like anything but two boxes ontop of each other

    I'll also hopefully be able to find some mylar at walmart in the camping section, but if not I'll find some somewhere to get mylar to line the inside with.

    I'll probably have a computer fan near the top in the back part that will be facing the wall, with maybe a piece of clothing hanging out of the very top lid that makes it look like there's some clothes inside it but actually just covering up the fan just in case, but leaving enough room to pull fresh air in between the fan and the cloth.

    I'll probably lift the tubs up by setting them on top of something, then cut a hole in the bottom to make a pipe system that will connect to a fan which will push air out threw the bottom which isn't visible unless somebody were really getting on the floor and searching for it, maybe lining one portion of the pipe system that I can replace if I need too with an odor absorbing gel, so that whatever comes out of the pipe will be masked.

    I'll also buy a fish tank air pump for the hydro system, and a tub for it because I'm trying to really maximize the space I will have in this thing.

    As I've never done a grow before I'm not sure if the pipe system I will have blowing the air out threw an odor absorbent gel section will be enough to completely mask & have the smell not detectable.

    For the lights up top, I'm not too sure about yet because I want to make it stealthy which means no screws coming out of the top, and if they do come out then hopefully hidden under the lid somehow, but I don't actually have the tubs to get a first hand look at right now. If it's not possible to do it without having screws out of the top then I'm sure I'll find another way to cover those too. But basically I'll want to have some chains or something to adjust the height of the lights as needed.

    This is all just speculation & getting some of your ideas though.

    Do you think this system would work in masking the smell? I'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible but I'm not against getting a activated carbon filter if it's the most efficient and I can find any at a fair price.
  2. Wait so you entire setup consists of two rubbermaid tubs staked on top of each other with everything concealed inside them? That's the most brilliant incognito setup I've ever heard of. Very creative.
    What do you mean about the extra tub? How does that fit in? I imagined your water being in the bottom tub and your plants growing up into the top tub.
  3. Yes you are right this is the kind of s dual system which consists of two systems there.Here the one system's waste are used in the other system and the other system's water is used in the first system.

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