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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by adfw, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I have a 9 1/2 ft x 6 ft space available. I am limited though because it is only 6 ft high as well. Just curious if I should run 3 600w or 2 1000w and if there is much diff in my eventuall yeild between the two. Also should I use tables built right on the ground or pots? Thanks for any input.
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    Six feet height is limited in some sense, but that is plenty of space. I only have 4' height, I'll trade you any day.

    For lighting I think you will need more all the way around if you intend to fill that room with plants. I like the rule of thumb of 75 watts of HID lighting per sq ft, some would use a rule as low as 50w/sq ft, but even that in your space would require nearly 3000 watts. If you are not growing to the walls then you only need to figure your lighting needs on the space you will use.

    Regardless, I think you would be better off with 600 watters -- they are the most efficient at converting watts to lumens, so for 4x600=2400 watts you will get about the same lumens as 3x1000w with a 20% lower energy use and more even coverage.
  3. Can I fill the space? Don't I need some room to get around? Would you use pots or tables?
    Do you think heat will be a big issue and should I consider air cooled shades?
  4. Personally I would use pots, with trays underneath to collect runoff of course. I would raise and lower the lights as needed, not the plants.

    Can't really gauge heat issues from here -- severall kilowatts of HID lighting certainly will generate heat, it's mostly a matter of ventilation. What are your plans for airflow? Air-cooled lights might be a good idea anyway to be able to get the light closer.
  5. 6" exhaust fan blown through carbon filter outside of house, intake holes at bottom of room to draw in cool air by natural vaccum. room is in my concrete basement, fairly cool, even in summer.

    How many plants could I fit in this room? should I stay with 6" pots or use 10" been reading alot on DWC but this is my first time so don't want to go overboard.
  6. Go with the bigger pots. A plant lives through its roots. The more roots the bigger the plant. A 10" pot holds about 3 gal. and a rule of thumb I read is to allow 1 gal. per foot of plant height. Unless you're equipping a greenhouse, I'd say stay away from the KW lamps. There is a sharp drop-off in efficiency above 600 W.

    I've been reading up on hydroponic grows, but I don't know nothin' 'bout that.


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