Grow room w/ hot water heater... Safe?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by tefp, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I'm new to the indoor growing arena and am in need of a little help. I've had a couple outdoor grows but am now going to set up something indoors also.

    I have a utility closet in the basement of my house that seems perfect for my needs. The only thing is that it has a hot water heater and water softener in it. It is a big closet so there is still plenty of room. My question: is it safe to have a grow going right next to it?

    Also, i will be using a 400w HPS.

  2. the only problem i can see would be the room getting to hot from having the light and the water heater, but then again how hot does the room get now?
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  3. You only need to worry if you have something that is flammable if its a gas waterheater, if its electric you have nothing to worry about at all..
  4. Yah, its a gas waterheater.

    Not sure if its a problem though. I don't really have anything thats flammable. I'm not running CO2 or anything like that. Just the light is all i'm worrying about.

    I just stuck a thermometer in the room. I'll let it sit there tonight and see what its reading. It doesn't get terribly warm in that room, so i think i might be ok without too much ventilation.
  5. The hot water heater should not get very hot on the outside -- if it is you should wrap an insulating blanket around it, not just for your grow op but for your general energy efficiency.

    To me the biggest worry with your setup would be if the water heater leaks or needs to be re;aired/replaced, in which case you will have other people going in there.
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  6. The room stays in the low 70's right now. Once I get the ventilation set up i don't think it will be a problem.

    Last time heater broke i just replaced it myself. Fairly easy to do, the hardest thing is getting it home from the store which could be a problem if all you have is a car. Nobody really ever goes in that room.

    I'm considering getting a different reflector for my light with the inline fan on the side going directly to a ventilation duct. A 6" inline reflector might be a little overkill for a 400w lamp but who knows.

    As long as its safe to have the two combined in one room that was my main concern
  7. Provided the extra heat isn't an issue, it shouldn't be a problem. You might even get a little extra boost from more co2 in the room from the burning gas depending on how everything is vented.
  8. A 6" ducted hood is NEVER overkill :) ... It'll be easier on your fan and if you ever decide to jump up to 600 or 1 K, you're still set in fine fashion ...
  9. you can actually get free co2 from your gas water heater if you tap into the exhaust vent on the water heater. Ive heard of a bunch of people doing this. My room is next to my water heater and it is fine.
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  10. I'm a plumber by trade you said the room was good sized it will be fine just don't put any thing flamable next to it. It's kinda funny I had to go work on a guys water heater And saw the fox farms nutes and some dirt . So I had to ask if he was growing he wAs not to shabby looking gave him some pointers and a bill to pay lol
  11. My grow room is a little different than most. I built it in a spare bedroom of my house that has an indoor hot water heater. I started building my “muffin top” (another name commonly used by growers that have built grow rooms inside the house) with the intent to grow out of it at some point How Does a Tankless Water Heater Works? | Gas,Electric.Point of Use. But low and behold, my girls became so delicious that it is still home to them. I needed something to get rid of the heat & smell and be discreet given its closet-like location.
  12. Hot water gas heater in my grow room 64FC97C3-D4EB-4534-BC82-AC4D5BC0A9A4.jpeg - free co2 lol
  13. now that sir is a grow........ bravo zulu
  14. Hi tefp.
    Please be careful if you are using a powerful exhaust fan and venting outdoors.
    It can create a negative pressure draw in the room and backdraught the water heaters exhaust into the room, spilling not just CO2 but carbon monoxide and other toxic combustion byproducts.
    A power vented water heater (with the blower on top) might not suffer from this effect as much as a natural draught type
    (no blower and a 4" metal pipe) but why chance it.
    If you insist, at least get a carbon monoxide detector in there for peace of mind.

    You can't smoke that GOOD shit when you're dead...
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