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    I need help figuring out what kind of exhaust fans to run. I have a 20x7x11 room so I need about 500 CFM for my grow space, correct me if im wrong. I plan on running 2 1000w HPS's in my flowering space and 1 MH and a 4ft 8 bulb t5 hood in the veg space and would be venting out just above the grow area. Ill also be running 8" vortex inline fan(747cfm) w/ ducting to cool the lights/hoods however often is needed. I'm wondering what kind of exhaust fan should I get that would run quietly and at sufficient enough cfm to vent the given area in addition to the vortex inline? Thanks.
  2. anybody pleaseee?!
  3. If I had to guess from what Ive seen from many other grow rooms on here, one 8" inch fan is very minimal. Usually people with a room that size will use one fan for the lights, and another for the room. Thats a lot of air to move, and 2 1000W lights are going to be really hot. Id try and get another fan if I were you to run just off a filter and vent the room.
  4. I would use the 8" blower with a matching carbon filter and run that out to exaust.
    For the lights I would go with another 8" vortec or a max can 10" (1100+ cfm) to cool just the lights...that runs only when the lights are on.

  5. I was planning on running the vortex just to vent and cool the lights/hoods when nessesary. I'm trying to figure out what kind of exhaust fan i should get for the grow room itself that will run quietly enough that i can have it on full time instead of intermitantly. What kind of exhaust fan should i look into that would run quietly enough and up to 500cfm or how ever much will be needed for my grow space?
  6. You want to exchange the total volume of air in the room about once an hour if you are not running co2. A 20x7x11 is about 1500 cubic feet, so your shooting for about 500 to 600 cfm exhaust fan. However if you attach a filter (carbon) for odor elimination that will cut your fan by up to 1/3 of the rated cfm of the fan. So I would say a 6" inline fan by any brand name should work well with your set up, but none of them are "quiet". Hope that helps man :smokin:

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