Grow Room Tournament of Champions

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by snpny, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. Why dont everyone that has a grow room that has actually grown something for them that is smoke able and got you twisted. Post the pics of your grow come on this thread. It will give the newbies (like me) ideas and a guiding hand to setting up our grow rooms. Follow Woodys' example with his pic on his Harvest part 1-3. Add full descriptions of what you have.
  2. over a hundred heads viewed this thread and no one shows any pride in their grow rooms that is not cool. Be pround of your shit and share.
  3. Hey snpny!!! I would love to show you pics of my grow room. I am currently getting NASA to re-align a satelite over Southern BC to get some snapshots. lol!!! All kidding aside I am currently in the midst of re-building and up dating a room. I will send you some pics as soon as I can take some. I will try and send a pic of the blueprint soon. Take it easy!!!
  4. a lot of people can't afford digital cams too dude, i can give you some pics of my outdoor grow tommorow if you want but i don't have anything going on indoors anymore.
  5. so what the only way to post a pic in the city of love is by digital cams. I cant scanned pictures and shit like that. and post them with my threads

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