grow room smell on clothing?

Discussion in 'General' started by tomascat, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. just wondering how many have had somebody ask them about it at work or anything. im isolated at work pretty much and my girls are asleep when i leave so im not at risk of detection. just curious
  2. i wash and dry my clothes after i wear them. its something my mom taught me when i was little
  3. mabe im stupid, im talking about if u check ur girls before u go out in public, have u been quizzed by ur pals or others? my grow area has a plant , ona smell to it

  4. my lights are off when i get up to go to work (6pm-6am) i check them before bed.

    Nobody besides the blades here know i grow. i smoke everyday and so dont most of my friends. its not a big deal if someone smells weed in New England. we have med and decrim everywhere except NH (live free or die, weird huh)

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