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  1. just wondering if this looks good.(A)

    was thinking of switching to this.(B)

    or would it be possible to do something inbetween A and B?

    input please.



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    Are these CFL's ? Are they 100w or are they 100w equivalent ? My gut tells me you are not reading the fine print. If they are actually 100w/150w bulbs I would just buy an HID system it will be cheaper. (SP) CFLWeasel had a great CFL thread a few days ago, search for it. What spectrum are these bulbs? Assuming you got it wrong and they are really 23-26 watt bulbs, you are gong to need ALOT more light.
  3. day light spectrum

    the box says

    gives off 100W uses 27W power
  4. im asking if (B) would be enough lighting


  5. NO it doesn't :) Read it again... It will read 27 watts equivalent to 100 watts incandescent. Thats only 27 watts.

    IMO go with Walmarts GE brand vs the Nvision commonly found at your hardware stores. They just last longer hung upside down. Don't forget splitters and check out a bathroom light fixture.

    You do not have enough light to VEG and are way short flowering that many plants.
  6. was also thinking of going from 9 to 7 plants

  7. NO, you could VEG 6 to roughly 12" IMO but never flower more than 2 plants.
  8. well then for 7 plants how many 100W bulbs should i get? the 150 bulb was pricy compared to the 100s.

    gonna get splitters tomorow

  9. never flower more then 2 plants?

  10. Its true, the folks around here claim a minimum of 100 watts per plant. Thats actual watts not, equivalent watts. However when we are talking CFL you will need IMO 150w. The reason being is the lights just do not have the penetration of an HID. Some secondary CFL lights will be needed along the sides in flower

    Take my mess for what its worth but I have veg'd 3 cycles under CFL's. Take a look at the fixture in my signature.

    Honestly at this very moment I am thinking about turning off the HID and going back to vegging under CFL again :)
  11. so would (B) be enough lighting? or even more?

    thanks a ton :)

  12. Add the actual watts on the package up my friend. (B) Could get you well into flower of two plants. My laptop battery is about to die sorry got to run. Remember you need females so you might as well VEG 5-6 under that setup and pick your best two to take to flower. Plan on using some of that light on the sides of the plant. You should consider a reflector to get your light headed in the right direction :)
  13. already have a survival blanket up

    and the lights are in the silver reflector cone peices from home depot.

    thanks for your help

    also, is there some other kind of lighting that is cheaper that i could use?
  14. dude, i would not use a survival blanket.

    there is actually a thread on this site about them. one thing, they are flammable, i think, and also if any water hit it, or exsessive moisture, it can cause mold and other nasty shit.

    get mylar (reflective material) or paint the room white, just dont use the blanket. its a good breeding ground for pests, trust me
  15. also im going to lower the lights tomorow to about 3 inches above the plants.

    guess im heading to walmart tommorow to get MORE lights :)

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