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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for advice on this basic concept I came up for my grow room. I only have one window so will use it for intake and Outtake. I want to split the room for a veg area and flower area. I can only come up with the one intake that splits into two to keep fresh air going into both rooms. I run an intake fan from outside the tent as shown to push air through all my vent hoods on lights then above the tent and out. Is it fine to outtake fans from the grow rooms into the main duct from the vent hoods to underneath my home. I may be all wrong on my design setup just looking for advice. I also am not sure on exactly calculate what cfm my intake fan needs to be and also my outtake fan. I am not good with the program to create so I am sorry in advance it is crappy illustration. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks again. 


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  2. If you have intake and exhaust that close to each other you will short cycle your system.

    Essentially you're going to suck that hot exhaust up in your intake...

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