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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by crapskater, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. i have been planning on growing a 2 ft X 3 ft X uknown height. 6 plants inside, trained to look more bushy ( would try scrog but i have only one light and i dont know what to do with the mother plant after clones are taken...)

    -400w HPS
    -1 room fan located directly outside of the box blowing towards plants
    -walls lined with mylar
    -possible carbon scrubber

    oh it is possible to take clones from LST plants right?? like the bushy ones?
    any tips greatly appreciated... thanks

  2. just to let you know 6 plants is a little over kill for 400 watts....take 6 plants devided by 400 watts...less then 100 per plant. im dooing 7 plants under ...2 400 watt lamps and they are dooing great....ide say no more then 4 per 400.....thats 100 watts per plant...
    Your setup seems great just make sure you dont put 6 plants....4 at the most....and really ideally i can take 2 plants and put them under a 400 and grow more then you could with 6 polants under a it matters on how many strains you want or if your going for yeild...if your going for variety go for six plants but if your going for yeild on each plant....expecting to get will not with 6 under a 400....thats just my advice...
  3. Sounds great i will put 2 plants under the 400 hps. BTW any info on the scrog method?
  4. Some basic rules of thumb: 1 plant per sq ft, 50-70 watts per sq ft. Your light is fine for 6 plants in that space.
  5. I completely agree. 6 plants is easily doable with your setup. Just make sure you have good air movement, but your lighting should handle that fine.
  6. six is doable but wouldnt it really pump up two plants?? I'd hope for minimal numbers of plants under this light. (i wouldve gotten a 250w but its just 5 dollars more to get a 400 so why not?)
  7. i got 5 under my 400,,, trust me as they grow youll be moving them around so much,,they wont be in the same place too long,,,6 plants is doable i only ended up with 5 females thats all
  8. is it still possible to pull it off with two plants under a 400w?

  9. I have 10-15 plants under a 400w HPS and they are just fine (check out my pics). I also have reflective mylar on all my walls/ cover. My grow space is 25"X45". I run hydro which makes a diffrence but I see no problems with 6 plants under 400w in soil. The last person with my set up had upwards of 25 plants in that same space with the same light. Just move the plants around once a week.
  10. well of course. you can always go fewer. The idea is that you'll be spending money on running that light so you might as well grow as many as the lighting will let you get away with.

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