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  1. This will be a first attempt so I'm not really expecting anything as far as yield. I have two closets one is 26"x35" the other is 36"x40. They both have plenty of height... I was wanting to try 2-3 plants the first time I was planning on using the smallest one first then if all went well possible trying something larger for the another grow. So far this is what my plans are I probably will not be using any mylar just painting everything white. I have 12 fls 26w bulbs plus a 400w hps. I will use 3 gallon pots and pre-mixed potting soil. I have considered building a larger space however, I want to have a basic understanding and confidence of being able to complete a grow. I'll just be using a bag seed for this first experiment.
    I was kind of stumped on how I would make the ventilation work inside this area, that's why I was thinking of making a cabinet. the only thing I can figure out is to run a n exhaust to the attic and for the intake using something like a dryer vent hose and run it though the crawl space to the other side of the room. Unless you guys don't think I would have a worry about ventilation in that small of a space.
    I will build one of these as well for an odor neutralizer

    I'm pretty tired right now, and I've probably forgot to include allot of detail in this first post. I would appreciate all positive and negative criticism
  2. I feel right at home on this board with all you guys input.

  3. I would not go with that ona air freshner as all it does is mask the smell you would be better going with a carbon filter all day long. A carbon will last for 12 24 months without any replacing or mantance. The ona gell onl lasts a set time and if your room is hot this will increase the evaperation and make this methord even more costly for you.

    Fans make sure that you get a larger exuast fan than the Air in fan this will create negative pressure ensuring the fans will work efficiently for you. They other side is that no smells escape the room. If you could post some pictures of the space that you intend to use we can properly advise ya. All the best
  4. Thanks! I'll take some pictures tonight when I get off from work. I'm still in the design mode so I have all different types of scenarios in my head

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