grow room remodel+new stealth veg room

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  1. Whats up GC. Its been awhile since ive been on here so i thought id drop in and show you guys how things are going. My grow room pretty much went throught an entire remodel. I switched from soil to hydro for one so any input on my hydro setup would be much appreciated ;)

    First, I pretty much gutted my grow room, bought some reflective thermal dampening wrap that i layered my grow room and new stealth veg box(which i built out of an old dresser, and who said pot smokers were dumb??). After that I started wondering on ways to make my bud better. I mean, i can grow in soil just as well as another fella, actually alot better than most, but i wanted to get the most outta my buds, so i switched to hydro.

    Now the fun part :hello: . Ive recently aquired some seeds from a very dear friend of mine. I mean hes pretty much the whole reason i started growing. He hooked me up with some NYCD, C99, WW, C99xNYCD, SIlver haze, Nevilles haze, and a few others. For the first grow i figured id try out the NYCD because my fellow grower told me it was the dankest of the dank.

    So, Im one week into my new grow and my babies are doing wonderfully. Ill try to keep you guys updated as much as possible but i dont really use my computer all that much.

    well GC, any comments, did i do right by you guys?? Let me know what you think. My seedlings just turned a week old on sunday. Hopefully when harvest time comes around ill have some nice NYCD to smoke. MMMMM goody

    Oh and sorry about the pics. I tryed to embed them but for some fricken reason i cant seem to figure out how. any help would be much appreiciated.

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  2. Oh and sorry about the poor pic quality i had to use my phone caus emy cameras dead. POst some better pics later. DW
  3. so i checked my babies tonight and i found that some of the leaf tips are yellowing. i checked my ph and it was around 7.5-8 so i adjusted. Could there be any other reason besides ph that could be causing this?? I think if my nitrogen is low this will also cause the yellowing. Any thoughts??
  4. That's an awesome looking stealth cabinet, good luck with your grow!

    The nitrogen probably just got locked out when the ph went up, it should go back to normal since you've dropped it.
  5. Thanks hopefully thats it and i dont have to worry about it anymore. The babies had a lil growth spurt in the last 24 hours. A few more weeks and theyll be ready for the flowering room
  6. Magnesium?

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