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  1. How many cfm fan would you need to ventilate a 4ft by 5ft by 2ft room??? Gonna have a 80cfm bathroom exhaust fan on the top for exhaust... Just need to kno how much intake I'll need... There will be a 400watt hps light in it... It'll be a flowering room.. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks
  2. Cubic feet is LxWxH which in your case if 40 cu ft. The recommendations vary, but you need to evacuate all air 2-3 times /minute (some say 5 mins). As long as you have limited restrictions in the air path, 80cfm should do your area twice per minute.
  3. Awesome, thanks a lot.. New to all this but have learned ALOT... Ventilation is the one thing that's confused me!
  4. I'm getting ready to post a pic of the design i'm going to build... If you can give your input and let me kno if it's "up to par" I'd appreciate it... Thanks
  5. Here's the layout... Don't be afraid to tell me if something should be different, I would really hate to waste money and have to spend more to re-do something!!!

  6. Nobody has any input?!?!?
  7. What kind of light? I can tell you now 80cfm isnt enough if youre running any HIDs or hella CFLs
  8. It's a 400watt hps but it'll have a cool tube hooked to squirrel fan vented out to a carbon filter
  9. But the veg room won't have a cool tube... Look at my pic.. How many cfm will I need for intake in veg room to adequately cool it... It's got a 400watt mh light
  10. [quote name='"erunyon7"']But the veg room won't have a cool tube... Look at my pic.. How many cfm will I need for intake in veg room to adequately cool it... It's got a 400watt mh light[/quote]

    Well in tha pic it has a fan for intake and exhaust I would use both for exhaust and use a passive intake juss holes with a light trap
  11. So your saying both fans next to each other St the top for exhaust and drinkin holes in the side for the intake right?!? And is that just for the vegging room or both rooms?!?
  12. I would say a 6 inch Can Fan would work perfectly, you can get them for cheaper on eBay.

    (392 CFM by the way)
  13. 6in can fan in the vegging room for the intake? Or 6in can fan in both rooms for intake?!?
  14. Exhaust, for the room with the 400 watt hps
  15. Ahhh gotcha... So for intake just leave it with the 45cfm computer fan or drill passive intake holes?
  16. That should be sufficient
  17. Sweet, thanks!!! I'll post pics when it's done being built... Ordering EVERYTHING on Wednesday... I've never grown anything and always wanted to... I don't even smoke it causes me anxiety attacks, but my mom n stepdad smoke the shit out of it, so it'll definately help them out if I have a successful harvest
  18. You should try high ratios of thc/cbd, less of a paranoid type high
  19. Last time (and only time I ever smoked it) was in 2006... Got some from my neighbor took few hits, started watching tv, felt the urge to throw up... Ran to bathroom n splashed some water on my face.. Layed down on the floor and in seconds completely sweated through my clothes... And my heart was RACING... It finally went away an hour later... Dr said it was an anxiety attack, so I linked it to the weed... It was either some REALLY GOOD SHIT, or my body just ain't meant to be high, lol... But thanks for the advice.. I might get the urge to try some again :)

  20. I'm sure ya will if you see a successful harvest in your face :smoke:

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