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  1. my room is 11' by 7' and 7' high. i want to build a wall 4' in so the grow area is 7x7x7 and is sealed off for smell. i have a 1000 watt SunSystem switchable balast with HPS and a rectangle reflector with two 4 inch holes on the side for venting . i am not sure what kind of fan i need but something around 100-300 CFM ,if thats enough to vent the heat. i will have regular house fans blowing a little over the plant, wondering if this will be enough? or do i need air from outside the room? i will run the exaust to the top of the new wall and have a carbon filter on the other side of the wall. i live in a cold place so i know heat wont be a problem (other than the heat from the light) but i was wondering if it would be possible to just run exaust out of the room, and not having air coming from the outside into the room. the main questions i have is how much CFM i need to vent out a 1000 watt and what kind of fan/where i should get it and if a 4 inch fan is big enough?

    any ideas/questions/comments would be very much appreciated.
  2. NOpe, sorry, your going to need a 6''er. 7x7x7 is farily large and the 1000w is NOT helping lol. go for the sunleaves windtunnel 6'' (406cfm) . should do you good. and YES you need an intake for your room. think about it. if your sunleaves is pushing out 406cfm of air. you need a have some sort of hole or something for air to be getting sucked in through. if you dont have an intake fan its just that much more strain on your inlines motor.
  3. what if i had a window in the room cracked and a regular fan pulling air from the window . and cover the window with black out curtins for light just to get fresh air not just house and if i just cut a hole in the wall to suck air in will it still hold the smell in the room with the hole just open???
    idk just ideas

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