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  1. I've read through and seen a lot of you all recommend some Lowes brand paints or Krylon on plastic. I'm on my first grow and don't want to drop anymore than I have to incase of failure. I was wondering if it would be okay to use a cardboard surrounding (no bottom in the cardboard box) and paint the inside with flat acrylic paint (I have plenty around the house bc I paint a lot of pictures)
  2. Kilz .....5 bucks... Ftw
  3. Yeah I read the same comment from you in many other posts. I don't need to know what's best, or works the best, or is highest recommended, or what I should buy. I need to know if Acrylic will work. Not trying to sound harsh at all because I love the forums here. I just don't want to have to explain this in 5 or 6 reposts lol
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    Why acrylic? Kilz will work better(one coat) and is highly reflective and mega cheap

    There is a reason I'm recommending it, and why I have before....not picking you apart, just wondering

    Or use panda film with velcro...found a place for cheap online...I'll post it up when I get to a computer
  5. Only reason is I've already spent what I had set back for this on buying lights (lots of CFL bulbs gets expensive lol). Some plastic containers to aid in humidity control. Had to buy a few bags to get some bag seeds built up. Bought soil, perlite, lime, Ph meter, and lamps for the lights. Now I'm broke and the seeds have been germinated and need some light
  6. Next time get your cfl's at lowes...super cheap
  7. What color acrylic paint?
  8. I was just under the impression his paint would be flat white....
  9. This is all I saw...

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