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  1. I have built a grow room but i used tin foil for the wall lining. I have since found out this is no good and have been told 2 try Mylar or plywood painted white. Mylar is just a bit to expensive for me. so i was going to use plywood painted white. I have managed to get hold of some plaster board from a builder friend and i was wondering if this would be OK painted white instead of using plywood. :smoking:
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    I'd say the plaster board would be a better option than the plywood due to the plaster board lacking any kind of distinguishable grain. Therefore I'd say it will probably provide a batter reflective surface and will be easier to clean. Just get some washable flat white paint and have at it.

    I don't know if anyone suggested it to you but if in the future you should find a need for mylar for improved reflectivity you can find "emergency blankets" at places like Walmart. They usually run for like 5 bucks if I recall correctly and are mylar.
  3. Mylar emergency blankets were suggested to me and i checked them out but as i live in the UK it was going to take 10-20 days for them to get to me. I looked at amazon for these both in the us and in the UK and found that the price in the UK was just way to much for the same product from the amazon in the us. thats why i have plumbed for the plaster board. but thanks for suggesting it.:smoking: soon i hope.
  4. The more I think of it I think (speaking for myself) I'd probably stick with the painted plaster board. It may not be as reflective as mylar but it would add simplicity by not creating potential hassles. It seems that quite often how reflective a surface is will be emphasized but other things (like how easily a surface is cleaned) will be overlooked. Besides as I recall trying to get the wrinkles out of one of those emergency blankets is a bitch.
  5. I've just had a look at the ones on the link above. yes they are cheap and they are in the UK. The only thing is that they are not Mylar they are made of KELVALITE.
  6. I think I am going to go with the painted plasterboard. ok it only reflects 75% of the light and heat but its easier to put up and im getting it for nothing. I dont think there is anything cheaper than paying nothing. When the grow room is finished i will post some pics on here. And i will also put a journal on here when the plants are in.

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