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  1. I am going to be running a 1000 watt hps cooltube for my flowering. and a 4 or 6 bulb t5 for vegging. i will be using 5 gallon buckets for pots. I have a few diffrent layout ideas just seeing what everyone here think will work the best. I can build walls add doors. what does everyone think i will be running 12 plants at the most because thats all I am allowed. thanks in advance


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  2. get a 5x5 and a 3x3 tent. put the 5x5 in the area that juts out from the rest of the room. position the door so you can still access it. the door doesn't have to open all the way, just so you yourself can get in there. take the 3x3 and put it in the remaining corner opposite the entrance of the room. have the door to that sitting towards the rest of the room (only way you could have it facing, really). use the 5x5 for flowering, 3x3 for veg. you could have a perpetual grow like this, with 4 different stages of rotation. and with a 5x5, you have enough room to move around inside. just run 4x400w in the flower, and a 400w in the 3x3 and you're set. just make sure you have adequate ventilation cuz it'll get hotttt in there. you could always do LEDs.
  3. granted, these are all measurements done with secret jardin tents. I like them because they're relatively cheap but well built. you can find other tents that will fit that 5x3 area perfectly, just look for something, in the order of two tents so you can have veg and flower areas. also, if you want to clone, theres a tent cloning station they have for like, 100 bucks that ive always considered getting.

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