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  1. Do you need to intake air from outside a sealed grow room ? (No Co2).

    I have a 6x8 well sealed room with a T6 exhausting outside via a ducting vent.
    Also,is the T6 sufficient for this size room with 2 530w leds ?


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  2. There has to be air coming from somewhere. If you have air blowing out, there is also air coming in.
    When you say “sealed” how sealed are we talking?
    Are you asking in regards to keeping it cool enough in the room? Or asking in regards to getting enough fresh air for your plants?
    If you are referring to the 6” Cloudline exhaust fan pulling 400 CFM that is more than sufficient for that size of a room.
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  3. keep the inlet passive if ya extract is working as it should ..then you should smell zero

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  4. Yes you need ventilation
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  5. It a 8x6 room with one door and a completely sealed window.

    There is a draught excluder strip around the door frame.

    I'm taking out the tent and just using the room so I was wondering about air intake.

    Would it be better to take off the strip and let air in through the gap in the door ? (Would an actual vent in the wall be an ideal option ?)

    I'm thinking in terms of getting the optimal flow of co2 to the plants (and cooling the temps a bit as an added bonus)

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  6. Air has to come in from somewhere. If you pull air from the rest of the house and push it outside, that air has to be replaced too. It will come in around every window, door, crack, etc. So if its 90 degrees outside, u will be pulling 90 degree air into the rest of the house. Personally i vent the grow room to the basement and it goes through the basement, up the stairs on the other side of the house, and back into the grow room via the large crack under the door.
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  7. Yes,but the grow room is well sealed.I'm wondering if the half inch gap on the bottom of the door would suffice for intake or would a vent into the room be better,(I could join off a vent in the room over but it would have to come in from the ceiling,where the extractor is mounted)as in more co2,faster grow,for example..

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  8. If the air coming in is from the house that you and your family exhale co2 in all day, it will be just fine. That is far more co2 than you will ever see in the outdoors.
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  9. So I should take the weatherstrip off the door frame ?

    And would it be beneficial to vent air in through the ceiling from a vent in a adjoining room ?

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  10. depends what you are wanting to do. You ok with your exhaust fan sucking outside air into the rest of the house?
  11. I just want to make sure I have enough air coming into the room.Isn't the exhaust blowing the air outside,not sucking it in ?

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  12. Your house doesnt magically create more air.... it has to come in somewhere. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Suck air out of your house, air must be sucked back into the house somewhere. This is why exhausting outside isnt typically a good idea. A single 6'' fan will pull all the air out of your house every hour or so. Which means when its hot or cold outside, your furnace/ac will be running very hard to keep up with all the hot/cold air coming into the house.
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  13. Go into the room . Burn a joint or whatever . See if the smoke is being sucked out of the fan.
    If it is . Then your sucking in air from somewhere.
    Also put your lights on monitor your temps . If its too warm drill some holes for more vents.
    Put that fan sucking higher up. Poke holes for fresh down low .
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