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  1. Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong area! Point me in the right direction and I'll post there.

    I am a newbie grower looking to get started. I have read some books,fourms,articles,yada yada.

    But I am looking for some actual conversation advice from real growers on how and what type of grow room I should set up for great yields.

    I am working with a 10ftx10ftx8h room, can actually go wider if needed but would rather keep it.

    From my research I would like to grow with a hydro set up under 2 600w lamps. And that's just what I think would be best. I could be wrong.

    My main concern is spiking my electric bill to high to where the light company would notice. I've heard mixed rumors on this. Stating that it's something to worry about and that it's not. Unless were talking about a 5,000 light bill lol. Idk.

    Looking forward to getting started and like I said I apologize if wrong posting I will fix if needed.

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  2. Btw the reason I said 2 600w lamps is because I read that you could get a decent amount of plants under there and I found a equation to find out exactly how much the electric bill would be going up running those lamps. Assuming I was running 18on6off schedule and I was happy with it

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  3. TBH I think you would need double the amount of light for that space bro, as in 4x 600 watt for a 10ft by 10ft room.. could be even more, just thought I would throw my input in - I have 710 true watt LED in a 4x4 tent and could do maybe 4 plants max. The bigger the space the more light is needed to hit them.
  4. I am completely new trying to learn. I was just suggesting that.

    My space the width can be whatever o want it. It's 10 wide by 8ft high. And 19ft long. But know I don't need 19ft long lol so I will build a wall whenever I figure out what size I need to be working with.

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  6. ALL good man, was just saying the amount of lighting you would need with that much space that's all bro
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  7. I have a 12x12 room. I sectioned it off to a 6x8 grow area using Mylar for two of the walls, this allows me to move around 3 sides of my 5x7 scrog. I'm running 1000w light and it covers the entire area from 32 inches above the plants. Two 600w would have even been better to spread the light a bit more and get closer to the plants. I wouldn't expect they would cover much more than that well. I have my plants on cheap plastic Walmart shelves, about 22" high. Plants are in 15 gal pots and screen above that. This allows me to get underneath while sitting on a bucket and have plenty od room to water, inspect for bugs etc., a real back saver.
    This should give you an idea. Also, if I needed to, other than the size of my two plants, this whole thing can be taken down and put in a box and pushed into a corner in less than 10 minutes.
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  8. That's what I was thinking. Get my two lamps placed and shelving and see what room I needed then put up some temp walls with reflective coating to box it all in.

    Okay so I'm pretty set on the two 600w lamps. How many plants are we talking to put under them? Should I run hydro being a newbie or go for soil? I heard soil is for experienced growers?

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  9. For that size area for cost effectiveness of startup I'd say go for mh/ before that lumens per watt is best on 600w hps. You could probably cover that whole area with 4 600's. Maybe look into gavita 600/750 DE...get a little more punch than your typical 600 hps.

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  10. Thanks for the input man I'm looking for a bunch of different inputs to determine exactly. What I need for my grow room.

    I would like a list of every little thing to buy and have my room completely set up. Then put some time and hours into some books on learning how to grow with what I've got. Or am I doing it backwards?

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  11. I read everything and then bought ans still read man, so much learning to do, from how PH range can effect nutrient uptake to how many hours lights need to on and off.. so much stuff - one person said on this site somewhere - growing is as easy or as hard as you want it to be...

    Learn the very basics and go from there
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  12. Wrong way round bro. Soil for us newbs. It basically gives you longer to correct problems.
    Make sure you mix in 20-50% perlite to help drainage.
    Also light is down to you, but man you got the space. Just remember the more light you have the more top quality bud you'll get. Wish I had that space to work with.

    Good luck bro!
  13. The space you have is okay for the number of lights you're planning to use. Most HPS reflectors are set for a 4x4 space. This will give you plenty of room to grow without crowding the plants and you will have enough room to work. If the plants are crowded then you start having problems with pests and mold. The suggestion about using Gavitas, I don't really agree with. They are great lights but need a lot of head room. 9 foot ceilings are needed. They don't come with air cooled hoods so you would need a major air conditioning upgrade to the grow space.
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  14. Also I'm not a fan of mylar. White paint works better. Mylar is electrically conductive and in a room with lots of electricity and water there are safety concerns.
  15. if i was gonna dedicate one room instead of building a wall id just put up a bar and hang some panda film as a curtain.

    id recommend soil as well. for basically no brainer soil and nutes get fox farm ocean forest, and fox farm grow big and tiger bloom. its all stuff you can find locally at like HD and louies. Feed only water for like the first 3 weeks. and then slowly start to mix in the nutes following FF schedule

    also if youre gonna germinate your seeds first do it in a cup of water that paper towel way is lame lol.
  16. Just got done building my room and you will never know everything you need till your 3rd harvest.

    Always go with more then you think you need.

    Always get the more powerful item then the minimum ( example ac and ventilation)

    Good base line of light power is 50-75 watts per sqft.
    Example your room is 8x10
    8x10= 80sqft
    80sqft x 50 watts = 4000 watts
    80 sqft x 75 watts = 6000 watts
    You need 4000-6000 watts of lights

    A/C .... You will need an ac... There is no way around this. Just get the highest btu unit you can get. I perfer window units over portable units.

    Ventilation, again always get the highest output possible. Get multiply fans if needed. I have 3 fans in my set up.

    Cheaper is not always a good idea!!!! Cheap is cheap for a reason and 50% of the time it fucks you and you end up spending more.

    Never go cheap on any equipment you relay on!!!!! Ventilation, a/c, and lights are all prime examples. With out these items your grow is fucked

    Be prepared for pests. You may think your growing indoors... My room is clean... I didnt see any pests. Well guess ehat mother fucker theyre there... Waiting... So you need to be waiting to. Take care of them asap.

    Finnaly... Cleanliness. Keep things organized and clean. Every harvest i fully clean the grow room, wipe everything down with bleach, clean my fans and ac, make sure all my timers are set, and do any repairs i couldnt during the grow.
  17. I was under the impression a 600w would be more than enough for a 4x4 area so for 8x8 4 of them would be enough? 2400w to 6000 is quite a jump...even 4 1000s at 4000 watts would be the most I think anyone would put in that area without being overkill. Would save a ton of money on wattage using 600s...1400 watts less on light and a bunch more on ventilation and a/c

    First grow

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