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  1. Decided to make a sketchup version of what im hoping to build sometime. Let me know what you think, feedback is important.

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  2. The lights and the fans are not physically able to be where they are. But this is just a real ruff draft. Also the software I used is google sketchup, its free and you can make some crazy things with it.
  3. It looks nifty, what's the divider for? You'll get more lumens to each plant if you take it out. Think about it, you're basically just blocking the lights from crossing over each other. Ventilation needs some work but you already said that. So, forget the divider, the ventilation needs work, and what you're left with is a box with 2 lights in it. It's a good start though, how much are you looking to harvest?
  4. Mainly 1 plant at a time, and I divided them because I wanted to have a mother or veg side and a flowering side. when i first started working on this it was a single box, 2' x 2' x 5' but then i decided it would be more cost efficient to build one huge box rather then 2 smaller boxes. What I really wanted to show with the program is space. When I was drawing it up on paper since it wasnt to scale I had no idea if the space was sufficient. So the program just kind of helps me visualize it in a real scale. My original sketchup model was a single 2x2x5 and had four fans in it, basically just a scrunched up version of the one you see and without the wall. I think i would rather build 2 of those because it would increase ventilation. Also one thing i wasnt able to show on the program was that I wanted to add two other light sources but was not able to find a good model. but i wanted to add 2 light strips to the sides of the box and maybe one in the back. Do you think with those changes and additions it would make a good grow box? Ill make another visual to help you see.

  5. I see, very nice. Well, I'd suggest getting the most out of whatever space you have. A veg area can be 1/2-1/3 the height of your flower area, so you could take the veg side and split it halfway up, use the top for vegging out a clone while the mother sits in the bottom. Or you could use one of the chambers for your fan, filter, and ballast.

    If you're only growing one plant at a time, I'd suggest going with feminized seeds. Forget about keeping a mother, it's more work than necessary for one plant harvests. 5 seeds would last you a year.

    What kind of lighting are you going with? Exhaust?
  6. Heres the smaller one, i feel like it might be to much light. or i would need better fans.

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  7. Yeah the process I was going with is i buy some feminized seeds, grow the first and clone then clone the clone and clone the clone and clone the clone.... I didn't really want to keep a mother. just a spot for the previous clone. like once the original mother grow and i clone it. id harvest the mother then clone the clone then harvest the first clone. and so on and so forth. as for lights I am not totally sure. the led ones in the picture are just an example. Truly I am not sure what kind and how powerful lights would be right for this tight of a grow room. As for exhaust that is what I was hoping to use for the fans. I would have the two intake fans on the bottom and the two exhaust fans at the top. Or i could do one exhaust at top and one at bottom and one intake at top and one at bottom. Ill pull up another pic of a grow room someone else made. It looks a lot nicer but some of the sides are glass. which i disagree with.
  8. This isnt mine, just a premade sketchup model made by pilgrim.

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  9. Maybe check out my grow box, it's very similar to your sketches just I grow in a shorter cabinet and lst my plants
  10. I saw it and i would like to have mine taller then your cabinet. I want to find a 1 1/2' x 1 1/2' x 5' cabinet. Eventually im most likely just gonna make one. But I think that would be the greatest small storage area so you can still get some height from your plants. Its mainly the bucket that kills the height when growing. But yeah i want mine higher because im only gonna have at max two plants at a time. so i just need two of the boxes with the dimensions i listed then ill do the clone process forever.

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