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  1. Ok so I'm moving into my own place in a couple of weeks and I want to set up a grow room. I've grown plants outside before but really want to start growing inside to get rid of all the problems that outdoor growing brings. I'm wondering whats the easiest way to set up a stealth grow room so no one knows it's there except me and if a cop came in the house they wouldn't be able to smell it. I appreciate all information you have to give.
  2. Its application specific...carbon filter for the smell and panda plastic for the far as sound goes try to minimize it with mufflers for fans, hanging pumps etc
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    So could I just build a false wall and cover the inside of the walls with a reflective material and put in some fans and lights and grow in there. And for the smell would I just put an exhaust fan with a carbon filter on it and just run the exhaust out under my house???
  4. where is the cheapest place to get hold of the PI rack?

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