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  1. Hey guys in a newb to the site...right now im setting up a room for my first grow. ive been doing my homework and research like i should and ive been anticapiting growing for quite some time, now im actually doing it. i just have a couple questions, the room i am using is a spare bedroom in the upstairs of my house in which only my cousin and i live in and we are doing this together. the dimensions of the room are 12'6x12'6 and it has a 6'5 ceiling. wallls are covered in mylar ect...
    i want to maximize the potential for the room, should i go with one 1000watt light or a couple 600 watts? this is going to be the flowering room. we allready have our veg room in a closet and a clone chamber in another. approx how many plants can i expext to be able to fit into this room efficently. right now temptature is not an issue but in the summertime the room will get very hot..does anyone know about using an window airconditioner to regulate temptature in the room as well as providing fresh air?? ive got some more questions but this should be good to start... any help is greatly appreciated thanks guys
  2. Well a 1000 will never cover such a square footage. A pair of 600s will not even cut it. 5-600s would be more like it, or 3- 1000s on a suncircle light rotating device.
    You know, big things can be done in smaller places. Just use an 8ftx8ft section of the room and you can use 1 1000 on a short light rail. As far as a window AC unit, it is exactly what I use. Just make sure that the air is scrubbed inside the grow. I would air cool the light/lights into the attic, with fresh air being drawn in from a port at the window (above, below, or on the side of the window AC.)

    One problem you will have is light leaking out the windows though, so it will need to be boarded off with just the AC unit and duct port sticking through the inside.
    before you board the window up, put breathable blinds (those stick weave rollup kind are cheap and great) up and crack the window for the intake for the light cooling.

    With CO2 you would never need to vent the room, just scrub the interior air.

    To see small spaces, see my CGE thread in my sig.
  3. thanks for the advice i appreciate it man... i think im gonna section the room off like you said and go with 2 1000 watts on tracks...

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