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  1. I need some advice on the most cost efficient setup to run for my grow room. Its being built behind a fake wall in my bedroom. Dimensions are 7'6" x 2'6" x 8'. I am dividing the room in two sections. The first is 5'9" x 2'6" x 8' and the second is 1'6" x 2'6" x 8'. Furthermore the second section will be divided with a horizontal shelf 3' from the floor to create a lower half for rooting clones and upper half for mother plant and vegging clones. I am running 2 x 400w hps with air cooled hoods in the flower room and t5's in the veg and clone. My plan was running 6" duct to a y branch in my ceiling with a vent in my bedroom to suck in air to my flower room and veg room individually. Before reading this thread I was going to use duct boosters to help draw air into both rooms, now im not sure if I need to do this. I was also planning to cut a hole in the floor in each room and run 6" duct to a carbon filter, then another y branch to a DIY blower. I would like to know how you would set this room up. Something to take into consideration is I live in a trailer park at the moment and I am in close proximity with other trailers. Luckily I don't have to worry about a landlord or electricity (whole park is under one bill) but the smell will be an issue I can't afford. I can cut through the ceiling, floor, or wall and the trailer has skirts all around the bottom so a blower could be easily concealed under the floor. Sound isn't too much of an issue because of the A/C unit in my bedroom window. This is designed for a perpetual grow and will have 18 plants in the flower room at one time so it will get stinky. I am new to indoor room setups but can build about anything so any advice will be appreciated and most likely used. Thanks :)
  2. 158 cubic feet in your grow space

    you need passive intakes for each grow space since your treating them as sparate spaces

    then run your ducting like this

    carbon filter(at the top of the grow space)-ducting-air cooled hood-ducting-Ypipe
    carbon filter(at the top of the grow space)-ducting-air cooled hood-ducting-Ypipe

    from the Y pipe then have your fan and exhaust out of the trailer...

    do not use booster fans... only one fan(since you only want to use one) that is for exhaust only

    next time please use page breaks... that wall-o-text was horrible to read... some pics of your grow space will help. A paint mock up will really make things much better

    good luck... make a grow journal
  3. Active Air 6 inch In-Line Fan 400 CFM [ACDF6] - $92.95 : The Hydro Source - Hydroponics Experts, Leaders in Environmentally Friendly Hydroponics

    this is not exactly the best fan you could use.. but it should work really well and keep your grow space cool... it might have to run full blast to effectively cool your grow space... but that will greatly depend on how you have your intake and exhaust run... you'll really only know until you turn it on..

    dont forge the speedster or fan speed adjuster to control the speed of the fan for temp and noise factor
  4. when you say passive intakes..that means I have to cut 2 separate holes in my for each room to suck its own air? Or can I cut one hole and run a Y to individual intakes? also your suggesting two carbon filters in the flower room connecting to the hoods and then fan and exhaust? what about the veg room does that need its own exhaust with fan or did I misunderstand?

    sorry about no page breaks it doesn't show me I need them when I preview the post
  5. you really have two grow spaces and they should be treated that way...

    your trying to cheap out(nothing wrong with being cheap) and just get the one fan... but you should really treat each grow space like the other did not exist... that would be the best way to approach what your trying to do...

    two fans, lights, filters... two spaces

    if you have your lights on opposite light schedules with one fan... one room will be the perfect temp and the other will be freezing...... its just so difficult to do it with just the one fan... even with dampeners(and who wants to constantly move dampeners to adjust temps)

    that being said... it is possible, i've seen grows doing exactly what you want to do... but... you won't really know what your going to have to modify till you turn it on
  6. thanks for the great advice! I will follow it and the final product should be in a grow journal within the next week or so. didn't know there were decent inline fans for under 100 bucks either so no need to really go cheap there anyway.
  7. I second the motion for two seperate grow spaces (zones). I did a lot of calculations on my initial design. Everything was dialed using one fan and worked for 4 months as long as there was no heat issues. But in the real world things change.

    I did exactly what I didn't want to do to fix it, had to down the grow for a few weeks.

    Put my grow down for 2-3 weeks to re-correct my "half ass-ed" ventilation set up. Now its dialed. I kick myself for not doing it right the first time.
  8. awesome... finally someone else chimes in.... despite someone's post count, being high or low, its always best to have multiple points of view... Im glad that someone who had tried to run ventation with a single fan chimed in

  9. Thanks.

    If anybody wants to look over my set up, before and after are in my profile as a grow journal titled "1600 watts....."

    It will show my limit of knowledge.
  10. Thanks bro!

    I'm at work and ut isnt very mentally stimulating, so im multi tasking on my smartphone. Its a PITA to post links!


  11. good shit man appreciate the help. like tihspeed said its good to get more than one opinion. i checked out your grow journal as well...thats a nice looking setup! i hope to accomplish the same thing with a little smaller space. i have some questions ill ask you on your grow journal thread when i get the chance.

    great post! has some good number info and charts i can calculate my own requirements. +rep

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